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Trint builds pipeline momentum, shortens sales cycle by up to 30% with Outreach

Key results
Eliminate hours of administrative work for AEs
Close deals 20-30% faster with improved insight into account activity
Encourage healthy competition and inspire sales team to beat quotas
Identifying sales activity that drives results

Trint unlocks the power of speech. Their platform uses A.I. to convert audio and video to text, making it searchable, editable, and shareable. After doubling the size of their organization in just two years, the Trint sales team was looking for a solution that would help managers and reps identify the sales activity that mattered most. When they started using Outreach, the Trint team got the visibility they were looking for, and so much more. This is the story of how Trint’s sales team shortened their sales cycle and closed deals faster with Outreach by building momentum and staying organized.

A lack of transparency and data risks deal success

Before using Outreach, Trint’s sales activity data was spread across spreadsheets, email threads, and a smattering of business tools. Without a clear process to track this information, Head of Sales, Amy Paredes, was forced to rely on anecdotal feedback from her team of BDRs, AEs, and sales reps to confirm where deals stood.

Verifying data this way was time consuming and unenjoyable for Amy and her team. “No one wants to feel micromanaged,” Amy said. And yet, the feeling was inevitable without a better way to provide two-way visibility into sales activity for reps and leaders.

Senior Account Executive Martin Thouroude was experiencing a similar challenge. When there was a dip in activity, he was left wondering why.

“I didn’t have visibility into the tactical actions my BDRs were taking, so it was very hard to gauge why leads weren’t converting to opportunities,” Martin said.

In addition, Martin also recognized that without a consistent, organized way to track his activity and manage his accounts, he risked the success of a deal.

“The biggest challenge for sales is keeping track of opportunities that are all at different stages. It can be very easy to forget about things if you’re not organized. If that happens, you can lose momentum turning a prospect into a customer," Martin said.

With improved insights into live opportunities in the pipeline, AEs are also closing deals faster and seeing better outcomes with Outreach.

There simply had to be a better way to do things.

Amy brought Outreach to the Trint sales team so they could increase efficient workflows, reduce ineffective busy work, and drive results for the organization. Today, everyone is on board.

“Outreach is the first thing I open when I get to work," Martin said.

The increased visibility into sales activity has helped the team speed up their pipeline in multiple ways. For one, AEs save administrative time by using Outreach to manage their accounts. Amy and other leaders can see this, too, so they no longer have to chase down reps to find out what they’re working on.

Having everything on Outreach, I can see the history for every client, I can see what we last talked about. That saves a lot of time.
Martin Thouroude
Senior Account Executive at Trint
Fueling growth with a shortened sales cycle by 20-30%

The impact of Outreach is bigger than just internal time savings. With improved insights into live opportunities in the pipeline, AEs are also closing deals faster and seeing better outcomes.

“I like using Outreach to quickly see my opportunities and what stage they are in. In a few seconds I can see when I last talked to them and if I have a task open. If I don’t, that’s a problem, and I know I need to prioritize getting in touch with that account to make sure we keep the momentum going," Martin said.

This snapshot of critical sales activity data is being used by managers and leaders, too. Amy can use a similar view to identify which accounts are at risk and guide her team back into action. This combination of AE accountability and leadership visibility has been paying off.

“Some of our deals are moving 20-30% faster than before...I’m very confident we’re going to win them before the end of the year," Martin said.

Healthy competition bolsters the pipeline

Trint leaders like Amy love that Outreach frees them from having to micromanage their team. Instead, the increased visibility Outreach provides has reignited their teams’ competitive spirit. With such clear data on their progress, Martin and his BDR counterparts are more motivated than ever to beat their quotas.

The transparency of Outreach creates an internal competition in a healthy way. Sales teams like to be competitive and crush targets, so it’s good to have visibility to motivate us and to set a benchmark of what we should be achieving. I would’ve loved to have that when I started my career in sales.
Martin Thouroude
Senior Account Executive at Trint

With deals inching closer to completion faster than ever before, the Trint sales team is expecting to wrap up the year with a lot to celebrate.


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