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Why Fivetran is consolidating their sales tech under Outreach

Key results
After making the switch to Outreach, reps have everything they need on a single page.
Sellers can now take a more account-based approach to their book of business.
Fivetran plans to consolidate multiple sales tools into Outreach's comprehensive platform.

When Melinda Matthews, the head of business development at Fivetran, joined the company three years ago, she immediately recognized the need for an all-encompassing sales solution. Her goal was clear: to streamline the sales process and enhance efficiency across the board. She found her answer in Outreach.

We wanted that all-in-one tool, the full-on sales execution solution that Outreach is offering.
Melinda Matthews, Head of Business Development, NA & APAC, Fivetran

With Outreach, the Fivetran team can view entire accounts on a single page, including contacts, activities, and vital notes. This cohesive approach was a stark contrast to previous platforms used at Fivetran, which lacked an account-based focus. "Outreach allows you to look at the entire account all in one page. You can look at contacts, activities, and you can see notes, and those notes and those account plans travel with you," says Melinda.

The excitement at Fivetran is palpable as they anticipate a full transition to Outreach. Tools like Clari, Chili Piper, and Chorus will soon be phased out in favor of Outreach's comprehensive platform. Melinda is particularly enthusiastic about Outreach's AI capabilities, like Kaia, which can help reps stay engaged in conversation without the distraction of note-taking.

Gone are the days where you have 10+ tools… It becomes a mess… a lot of reps just stop using tools based off of that.
Melinda Matthews, Head of Business Development, NA & APAC, Fivetran

Fivetran’s journey towards a more unified, efficient sales strategy underlines the transformative power of Outreach. It’s not just about reducing the number of tools; it’s about enhancing the quality of customer interactions and enabling reps to work smarter. 


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