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Outreach ensures that DocuSign campaigns can deliver the right message and timing between touches.

Key results
30 minutes saved per rep per day resulting saving 10 hours per month
Increased visibility into the full Marketing and Sales funnel
Better alignment between Marketing and Sales
Achieving Sales Development Success with Outreach

DocuSign, the pioneer and global standard for eSignature, has more than 200 million users across 188 countries. With aggressive growth goals, the DocuSign sales team needed a partner that could match their level of sales sophistication and market scale to improve their productivity. Working with Outreach, DocuSign was able to significantly streamline their outbound and account-based campaigns. This increased the productivity of each sales rep by greater than 30 minutes per day, resulting in increased pipeline per rep.

DocuSign's 100-person team of Market Development Reps (MDRs) needs to book new business every day. Their approach involved vertically-focused MDR groups conducting account-based campaigns and coordinating with the Marketing team as they nurtured leads with Eloqua's marketing automation tool.

The team used spreadsheets to track campaigns and Salesforce for follow up tasks. Between coordinating with Marketing, updating records, and executing a 7-touch follow-up phone and email process, the team was busy. "There was limited visibility. We needed additional structure for our campaigns and reporting," said Tom Coyne, former Senior Director of Market Development at DocuSign. "Plus, admin work steals from prospecting time and too much of it is certain to kill your quarter."

In my line of business, a good month turns into a great month when, as managers, we can convert any inefficiency into productivity. This is what Outreach has made possible.
Tom Coyne
Former Senior Director of Commercial Sales
Execute Automated Sales Campaigns

DocuSign has seen impressive growth and takes pride in their sales playbooks. While effective, they knew their process could improve. Coyne put it this way: "We were getting results, but we are not known for standing still. We felt that we could be working more efficiently - moving leads through the pipeline faster and with fewer manual touches."

Working with the rest of sales management, Coyne began to look for a solution to improve MDR productivity and automate their sales campaigns. After evaluating several options, Coyne and his team selected Outreach for its superior technology, enterprise-grade security, and ability to deliver customer success. To accomplish the team's goals, they use Outreach for the following.

Campaign Management and Automated Follow-ups to Scale

The team knew their phone-based marketing campaigns only work when they are balanced with well-executed, strategic email sequences. Accordingly, DocuSign designed an Outreach program to match their account-based sales strategy and the MDR team's vertical and geographic divisions. With Outreach automated campaigns, each DocuSign MDR can send a pre-written but personalized sequence of emails to prospects, coupled with customized phone messaging and social media touches. These capabilities create a meaningful connection with prospects on a massive scale. "Outreach allows us to reach more prospects with tailored messaging around their personas," Coyne noted.

Tailored Messaging to Personalize by Vertical and Persona

Outreach ensures that DocuSign campaigns deliver the right message and timing between touches. Coyne, adds, "Outreach provides the flexibility to change on a dime when necessary while also being able to do A/B testing. Having the ability to understand the effectiveness of a subject line or the email itself allows us to properly manage the campaign programmatically versus having to invest manual, administrative hours."

Aligned Campaigns Between Sales & Marketing

Outreach impacted more than sales effectiveness - it also made Salesforce more effective. Using Outreach eliminated manual tasks and ensured tracking of all outbound activities. Now when an MDR puts a prospect in an Outreach sequence, they can track prospect engagement with each touch. This gives DocuSign visibility into every step throughout the full marketing and sales funnel.

Drive More Pipeline with Less Effort

"In my line of business, a good month turns into a great month when, as managers, we can convert any inefficiency into productivity," said Coyne. "This is what Outreach has made possible. We save time by not having to manually follow through on campaigns to ensure that emails scheduled for later in the campaign are actually sent. It's all done automatically."

Coyne estimated that Outreach allowed each of the MDRs to pick up an additional 30 minutes per day of productive selling time. Coyne concluded, "Outreach gives us back about 10 hours of productive time per rep per month, enabling MDRs to build more pipeline and AEs to close more business."


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