December 2022

Outreach Product Announcements

Every revenue organization needs to efficiently create more pipeline and predictably close more deals. In recent months we’ve seen organizations struggle with inbound pipeline drying up, marketing budgets under pressure, SDR support declining, and sales capacity tightening. For AEs and sales leaders to generate more pipeline and increase productivity, they need a single platform to both create and close deals.

This is where Outreach comes in. Outreach is the only sales execution platform that unlocks seller productivity for efficiently creating and closing pipeline.

Today, we’re excited to share the latest Outreach updates in the works. Take a look and learn how to get started today or join a beta:

Mutual success plans

Collaborate with buyers, using mutual success plans, to drive smooth, predictable purchase processes.

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See what’s new:

Success Plans Branded URLs - Display your organization's own URL for an improved customer experience and increase deal close rates by 13% with Success Plans.


  • Success Plans Template Permissions - Make sure only authorized teammates can create and update plan templates.
  • Two-Step Authentication - Ensure that only the right prospect and customer contacts are getting access to privileged information related to the Success Plans.
  • Success Plans Link Sharing Controls - Determine plan access levels and configure two-step authentication permissions to ensure that only the right prospect and customer contacts get access to privileged information related to the Success Plan.
  • Privacy Statement - Apply your Privacy Statement to all customer-facing Success Plans — ensuring all parties have been notified of the privacy related to information shared throughout the plan and portal.

Conversation intelligence

Boost rep productivity and conduct winning sales meetings with conversation intelligence.

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See what’s new:

Kaia Mobile Recording Page - Hit play and listen to Kaia calls from your phone to identify which calls you want your other reps to listen to, learn from, and leverage with their own deals.

Kaia French Language Interoperability - Coming soon! Select French as the primary language for your call recordings and real-time transcription for global teams.

Kaia Rich Text Notes - Bold, underline, and add bullets to manual call notes live during a Kaia call or afterward to make sure the right details are clearly denoted for internal and external stakeholders.

Kaia Clips - Share the most important snippets from sales calls with customers to ensure everyone is aligned on critical next steps; and share with internal stakeholders to support coachable moments.

Kaia Playlist - Create a best-of-the-best repository of meeting recordings arranged by topics like competitive positioning calls, discovery meetings, new offering pitches, product demos, or proposal presentations.

NEW Kaia Reporting:

  • Kaia Topic Search - Now in public beta, easily find critical moments in conversations across your team. Filter recordings by topics such as authority, budget, differentiation, discovery, next steps, objective, pricing, process, and timing. Contact your Outreach representative to get started.
  • Kaia Talk Time Report - See how often reps are asking engaging questions to get buyers to talk in meetings and use these specifics to coach your reps on best practices (like not dominating conversations and how to have a productive call).
  • Kaia Search Trends Report - A summary view of your reps’ key conversation topics helps you ensure they’re talking about the right things at the right time. See how often your team is bringing up specific topics of interest and key talking points in their conversations over time.
  • Kaia Manager Reporting: Topics & Reactions - Coming soon! Ditch the unrealistic pressure of attending every sales call — instead use this view to gain a data-driven (not rep interpreted) deeper (more accurate) understanding of buyer reactions and sentiment throughout meetings, so you can effectively coach your reps.

Kaia for Outreach Voice - Don’t waste time switching between different tech platforms and risk losing focus on the customer. Kaia, our AI-driven virtual assistant that can increase rep productivity by 30%, can now join your Outreach Voice calls, capturing real-time transcription and automating post-call notes.

Kaia Recording Consent via Zoom - Coming soon! Use Zoom’s native recording consent functionality to capture consent for Kaia recordings.

(What is Kaia?) Kaia is Outreach’s conversation intelligence solution that makes AEs 30% more productive by automating painful non-selling tasks and bringing real-time insight to AEs during critical customer and prospect meetings.

Deal health insights

Win more deals by using Deal Health Insights to guide AE actions.

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See what’s new:

Deal Health Trends - Coming soon! Use the Deal Health Trends feature to see which deals are trending in the right direction to give you confidence they’ll close on time and deliver the revenue you committed.

Pipeline management

Improve pipeline management with deep data-driven deal inspection between reps and their managers.

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See what’s new:

Deal Health for Outreach Commit opportunities - Now in private beta, review deals that your reps forecasted and see if they are being managed properly so you know whether to include it in your call. Reach out to your Outreach representative to learn more.

Kaia for Outreach Commit opportunities - Now in private beta, review any calls for a deal with the Kaia integration, which takes you right to the opportunity’s call recording page. Reach out to your Outreach representative to learn more.

Success Plans for Outreach Commit opportunities - Now in private beta, see the status of your deal’s Success Plan and take action on your next step, or go directly into the plan for more details. Reach out to your Outreach representative to learn more.


Increase forecast accuracy and confidence for sales leaders and revenue operations.

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See what’s new:

Parallel Forecasting - Multiple spreadsheets and version shuffling nightmares with vendors, be gone! View the exact forecast details and format that’s most relevant to you with side-by-side forecasts for different dimensions, such as forecast by product, or new logo vs. expansion ARR, as well as for different sales periods, giving you the flexibility and predictability you need to run a digital sales team. In addition, with Forecast Time Windowing, you can review calls from the previous quarter.

Enterprise Territory Management - Now in private beta, set the territories and assignments from CRM to create the hierarchy you want your organization to use for forecasting. With Enterprise Territory Management and Outreach Commit’s hierarchy builder, you can optimize the rollup for sales leader visibility — providing greater predictability. Reach out to your Outreach representative to learn more.

Sales engagement

Meet your pipeline targets, even in a volatile market.

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See what’s new:

Enhanced CRM Sync - Now in public beta, enhanced CRM Sync guides your onboarding experience to more quickly set up integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Contact your Outreach representative to get started.

Sales Execution Report - Use the Sales Execution Report to monitor pipeline creation progress. Ensure you’re seeing positive trends in prospect sequences, responses collected, and meetings booked. The new report gives you a summary detail by rep, team, or region to see how your pipeline funnel has improved between time periods or between teams or reps across a single time period.


  • Header-Based Sync - Going into public beta, Outreach is reducing the volume of data needed to identify if an email is relevant to Outreach. Using only header and metadata, Outreach will only sync relevant emails to further process and understand things like prospect sentiment. Reach out to your Outreach representative to get started.
  • Multi-User Assignment - Enhance team-based collaborative selling motions by enabling customers to assign multiple users to prospect, account, or opportunity records.

We hope you’re as excited about all the new capabilities in Outreach as we are. We’re honored to continue to provide you with new innovations to help your organization create AND close more pipeline.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get started with these new features or to join a public beta, request a demo or reach out to your Outreach representative today.