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For more information on Window mode, check out our blog post.

Video Transcription:

We first introduced our chrome extension - Outreach Everywhere - so Sales Reps could take the power of Outreach wherever they worked. Whether you’re in your inbox or working in your CRM, Outreach Everywhere allows you to take action or access relevant prospect information right in front of you.

For many sales reps, you’re working actively in multiple browser tabs and maybe you’ve even set up multiple monitors to create a workstation. Whatever your setup, you’ve built your workflow to allow you to efficiently run through calls, quickly add prospects to sequences, and monitor all engagement.

Today we’re launching Window Mode for Outreach Everywhere. It’s a new, optional layout for our chrome extension that’s more agile and fits seamlessly into your workflow. When window mode is enabled, Outreach Everywhere creates a separate window that snaps perfectly to the side of your browser rather than opening on top of your current browser window.

To enable the new feature, right click on the Outreach Everywhere shortcut icon on the top right side of your browser window. Select options and check the box to turn on Window Mode - you now always have the option to switch between the standard view and Window Mode.

As you move through tabs or switch between different windows, you’ll notice that Outreach reacts and grabs the information you’re seeing. If you’re on a page that isn’t supported by Outreach, the extension will keep the last information you viewed.

A separate window for the extension offers more versatility. If you’re in a meeting, keep your activity feed open with live updates for email opens, replies, and clicks. As you see prospect’s engage, quickly click into their profile to give them a call. Or use the extension to reference analytics when sending email updates to your team. There are many ways the new layout helps you work more efficiently.

This update now provides you with two layouts for Outreach Everywhere and helps Outreach more intelligently respond to how you work within your browser. The experience is lightning fast and immediately responsive to what you’re doing in the moment. This is a major step in our vision for enabling a more powerful workflow, by ensuring Outreach is right where you need it and responsive to the actions you're taking. If you have any questions about Window Mode, reach out to

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