Bulk email send changes: Best practices for Outreach & beyond

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    We’ve been keeping an eye on rising fear and frustrations with Google and Yahoo’s adjustments to bulk email send parameters. But this isn’t a demand to fall in line, it’s the opportunity to make your bulk sends even more effective – for B2C and B2B comms.

    We’ve gathered Outreach’s top experts to walk you through these changes, answer your burning questions, and show you how Outreach can be your most effective tool to protect your email sends.

    bulk send email best practices

    Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

    • What's changing, how to prepare, and how Outreach is working to minimize risk
    • Best practices to promote deliverability in all situations
    • How making these changes might end up improving your email reply rates!
    • Plus: get a copy of the slides and our email deliverability checklist

    When we said we wanted to empower millions of sales professionals with our technology, we meant it. Take a deep breath. We got this.


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