Make or Break with Manny Medina

CRO, CEO, and back again

Make or break with Manny Medina

    How to not get fired as CEO, according to Carlos Delatorre:

    1. Don’t run out of money
    2. Don’t ignore the board
    3. Don’t listen to the board too much

    Got it.

    Carlos Delatorre (CRO, Harness) started his sales career in a cleaning supply closet (yes, really), climbing up to CRO, then CEO, and back again to CRO – and it’s not by accident.

    In this episode of Make or Break, Manny Medina (CEO, Outreach) talks with the “world’s most organized sales leader” about million-dollar commission checks, the power of preparation (and Latino guilt), the virtuous cycle of learning, and why being CEO isn’t always that fun.

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    How to merge an artist's tendencies with a manager’s drive


    What to start and stop doing right now to be the manager your team needs


    What to do when your top talent gets promoted — and you still have goals to hit


    Why Carlos believes that being a manager goes beyond forecasting


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