Outreach's 2024 sales predictions

    As we step into 2024, we can’t just hope to bounce back. We need to level up. 

    So, put that magic 8 ball back in the closet. This year, we’re turning to SVP of Marketing Ali Jawin and VP of Sales Development Angela Garinger for their 2024 sales predictions. They’ll share the strategies and tactics they’re ditching or doubling down on as they ramp their teams for next year. 

    Watch now to learn:


    Why new logo isn’t as shiny as it used to be, and who sales leaders are turning their attention to for sustainable growth.


    How sales rep’s roles are evolving and the top skill they need to outshine the competition.


    Which dated, spammy sales tactics are breathing their last, and what’s taking their place in the modern sales playbook.


    What we’re calling the hottest piece of tech. Hint: it’s one you’re already paying for!


    What AI can’t replace from your revenue strategy.


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