How to Use Research-First Prospecting in your Sales Outreach to Yield Double-Digit Reply Rates

On-demand Webinar

Sales Engagement platforms make it easy to reach your prospects, but how do you use a sequence in a way that makes your prospect feel involved and loved? More importantly, how do you get more qualified sales opportunities with sequencing? Join LeadIQ + Outreach for a special webinar focusing on how to incorporate research and science into your everyday sales strategy, and turn your outbound efforts into more qualified meetings.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for setting up sequences with Outreach, after researching your prospects.
  • What makes a good message with cold outreach?
  • How to leverage your prospect’s social activity to yield a response?
  • How LeadIQ increased their response rates 11x using sequencing and research.
  • What steps you should use in a sequence to yield more responses.
  • How machine Learning is improving data accuracy and increasing rep efficiency.


Andrew Mewborn, Sales Engineer at Outreach

Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth at LeadIQ