How to Make Your Sales Data More Actionable

On-Demand Webinar

Knowing who to call and when is a constant dilemma for every sales rep. When you have a long list of target accounts and leads to follow up on, where do you even begin?

Ideally, you start with the people who already want to hear from you — and the right data can help you find them.

Buyer intent data unlocks insights into consumer behavior and highlights products and services they’re interested in. With access to this powerful information, you can now engage with prospects long before they make any major buying decisions.

In this webinar, sales leaders from Bombora and Outreach will share examples of how to use intent data to scale your account-based sales programs, reach top prospects before your competitors, and close deals faster.

Watch now to learn more about best practices for:

  • Understanding trends in sales data
  • Identifying high-value accounts with intent data
  • Using the data to prioritize and personalize all sales activities
  • Setting the right metrics and making data-driven decisions


Clara Hughes, Account Executive @ Outreach

Alex Greer, Senior Director, Head of Sales Development @ Bombora