From Roles to Workflows: The Guide to Sales Management

In this new work-from-home environment, it’s more important than ever that sales teams are as efficient as possible, and this means leveraging workflows: a standardized and repeatable pattern of activity that produces the best results in a sales motion.

In this ebook, we will help sales organizations transition from 15 reps with 15 different workflows, to 15 reps with 1 workflow. We highlight Outreach’s own best practice of using workflows to:

  • Operationalize sales teams to become scalable
  • Create a benchmark of data to iterate and improve on
  • Populate proven playbooks across sales motions
  • Onboard reps faster
  • Easily integrate new strategies and products without starting from scratch

Let your teams personalize their WiFi names, not their workflows. Download today to learn the value and benefits of adopting a workflow based approach for your own sales organization.