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You Asked for It. We’re Delivering: The New Sales Hacker Community

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing at Outreach's Avatar

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing at Outreach

Two years ago, Outreach shook the sales industry when it acquired Sales Hacker, the world’s top destination for sales innovation, thought leadership, and actionable advice.

It was a match that made perfect sense. Through Sales Hacker, Outreach now has a dedicated channel to empower and prepare today’s sales professionals for a new era of selling — something we’ve all been committed to since Day One.

Today, we’re shaking things up again.

You see, as proud as we are of the support we provide on Sales Hacker, we’ve realized that something is missing: an interactive place where you can learn from your peers.

Our vision for this hasn’t existed anywhere in the B2B sales world — until now.

Because today, Sales Hacker became a community.

Why Fix Something That’s Not Broken?

Good question.

There’s no denying Sales Hacker, as a resource, is unbeatable. It gives you thought-provoking content that starts sales-related conversations. And it helps you discover the movers and shakers within the community.

In short, Sales Hacker has already been leading discussions and building relationships. There just hasn’t been a way to bring those experiences into the blog.

And after surveying our Sales Hacker subscribers, we discovered this is a priority. Our biggest fans told us they wanted a community more than anything else we could offer.

Sales Hacker Chart

We realized that sales pros want (and need) a place to:

  • Discuss interesting content about sales and selling
  • Get help with their work-related challenges
  • Find resources for achieving their career goals
  • Share their experience and mentor their less-experienced peers

So that’s what we built. We're not replacing our current community or adding to it, but we're giving it a digital space where all salespeople can gather and find the sense of community they’ve been searching for.

Here’s How It Works

Moving forward, Sales Hacker will still give you the industry-leading content you’ve come to rely on. But now, you can also get help and give your own advice on whatever sales-related topic you choose, while connecting with other sales pros like you.

Best of all, there’s no restriction on membership. It’s free to anyone who wants to contribute and learn. Just claim your profile to get started.

Here’s some things you can now do on the site.

Let’s say you need help with a specific sales development topic. You can explore that category to see if someone else has already started a relevant discussion.

If not, it’s easy to start a thread.

Share your sales industry knowledge

Your question will post in the Sales Development category, like this.

Sales comment example

And you’ll get immediate answers, like this.

Sales professionals answer your questions about the sales process

Sales Hacker is your single destination for sales insights and discussions. There, you can easily get support, connect with your peers, and develop your thought leadership.

It’s Your Turn

This amazing community exists for you. And it won’t succeed without you.

You see, most blogs are a community of brand leaders and thought leaders who share their ideas with you. On Sales Hacker, we’ve turned that model upside down.

We’re no longer at the center of the community. You are.

New Sales Hacker

We provide the platform. It’s you (and our authors) who share the groundbreaking strategies and ideas that raise the bar for us all. Join the new community today.

Ready to learn more? Read up on how the new community works in this article.

Want to join the new community?

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