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Is Your Sales Engagement Score a Winner?

Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement, Outreach's Avatar

Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement, Outreach

One of the best parts about working at Outreach is that we get to talk with sales experts every single day. Our customers are the most passionate, curious set of leaders in the business world, and we leave every conversation feeling smarter.

But the area that’s particularly satisfying is when the sales engagement light bulb flashes on: “Oh, I can speed up sales motions across the entire funnel? I can connect every revenue-generating activity? I can close more deals without hiring more people?”

Sales engagement is core to a company’s success. It impacts your ability to generate new leads, convert those leads into customers, effectively manage and grow those relationships over time, and scale revenue.

And today we’re launching the first-ever Sales Engagement Score! We compared actual activity levels across various industries and created a new performance index for you to understand where your team lands. The index covers both the volume and efficacy of activities across the standard roles and responsibilities of your sales team.

Check it out to see how your team stacks up based on benchmarking and millions of Outreach data points.

Why does my Sales Engagement Score matter?

We know organizations must adopt a customer-centric approach to deliver on revenue targets and consistently win in the market. It’s also important to simultaneously plan for the long game and tactically execute today.

This puts pressure on revenue teams to collaborate, share best practices at scale, stay on brand with messaging, and double down on the strategies with proven outcomes. This type of alignment and coordination is incredibly difficult in a remote environment. As sales teams grow, it becomes even more difficult to pivot and control messaging with prospects.

The right technology should empower you to build predictable revenue models. With greater insights, sales organizations can create standardized processes for teams to follow. In-platform analytics track activity and give sales leaders real-time data on how well their team is executing on that model. Plus, with data on sales results, sales leaders can evaluate closed-won opportunities and revenue to understand if and where the process is driving success.

Improve your Sales Engagement Score for a competitive edge

To gain a competitive edge in this new sales world, sellers must deliver the best buyer experiences at scale. Ready to find out how your team ranks? Answer a few quick questions to discover your Sales Engagement Score today.

The calculator will immediately analyze your answers and compare your results to the industry average.

Let us know how you do! Our Sales Engagement Consultants are standing by, ready to help you set the industry standard and jump ahead of the competition.

How do your sales engagement efforts stack up?