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Are You Using LinkedIn to Close More Deals? What You Need To Know About Your Social Presence

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In the summer of 2018, Sam Nelson dyed his hair blue for his SDR team and wrote about it on LinkedIn. One year later, he has more than 29,000 followers, hosts popular live streams, and regularly gets hundreds - if not thousands - of likes and comments on his posts.

Sam's story and presence on LinkedIn has helped build and market the Outreach brand. He would still be an over-performing salesperson without social media, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Now ask yourself: would you buy a business solution from a vendor you can’t find on LinkedIn? Probably not. You’ll have second thoughts to say the least, and for good reason: the network has more than 630 million members, including 9 out of 10 executives; and more than 30 million member organizations, including 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

The vast majority of corporate buyers use LinkedIn when making purchase decisions. Any business that ignores such a resource foregoes incalculable opportunities for building relationships, gaining market insight, earning revenue, and spurring growth.

Leveraging a corporate or individual LinkedIn profile and presence is called social selling. You're probably already doing it, or heard of it, or even know that social selling is the future of B2B sales.

The real question is: are you successful at using LinkedIn to close more deals and move the needle for your business?

With virtually all your competitors also marketing and selling their products on the network, how do you stand out and acquire more customers? How do you build a social presence that sparks interest, compels business leaders to join the conversation, and convinces corporate buyers that you’re worth partnering with?

The Sales Leader's Guide to Closing Deals on LinkedIn can help make a big difference in your social selling performance. Outreach is known for our Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) that helps revenue teams pull off ludicrous feats of selling, and this ebook expands the horizons of outbound sales with practical tips designed to push the limits of your social selling campaigns.

Among other things, the guide will show you how to —

  • Build an authentic presence on LinkedIn
  • Use the network to generate demand for your services
  • Grow your pipeline and bolster your team’s outbound efforts
  • Discover the right moments and contexts for making contact with customers
  • Drive positive customer response and close more deals

LinkedIn Secrets for Sales Leaders

Over the years, LinkedIn has grown to become a massive marketplace of products, talent, jobs, ideas, and opportunities - the most important network for professionals and businesses.

Through a series of multibillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions, the network now serves as a publishing platform, a recruitment portal, a learning institution, and an expanding directory of who’s who in just about every industry imaginable. Amid its multiple roles, LinkedIn remains (at the core) the most extensive social network for businesses and professionals to find and connect to past, present, and future colleagues and customers.

Not all you do on LinkedIn leads to positive business outcomes, however. Some activities and actions don’t even lead anywhere at all, and a few can even set you back several steps from where you want to be. Moreover, people and businesses do get banned or shunned on LinkedIn. Sell the wrong service and you’re out. Sell the wrong way and you’ll be marked and avoided for life.

On the upside, doing things the right way opens up a floodgate of benefits.

The Sales Leader's Guide to Closing Deals on LinkedIn helps B2B sales and marketing practitioners explore the multifaceted terrain of the world’s largest professional network, turning LinkedIn into a powerful venue for building reputation, relationships, and revenue.

The compact and readable guide provides the insight you need to —

  1. Understand LinkedIn Do’s and Dont’s.
  2. Practice etiquette in your sales conversations.
  3. Reinforce your personal brand and accelerate your career.
  4. Optimize your research and prospecting efforts.
  5. Improve the performance of your sales development team.
  6. Discover what millennial buyers (i.e., the next generation of corporate decision makers) care about when they engage a brand.

Take action now

Many of the tactics outlined in The Sales Leader's Guide to Closing Deals on LinkedIn will help you create an authentic brand, develop productive social selling habits, build a healthy customer pipeline, and sustain profitability for your company.

High-performing sales organizations are already using social media to find leads. You can do even better - you can learn how to turn those leads into deals with LinkedIn.

Establish your presence on LinkedIn!