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[Webinar] 2021 Predictions that Will Change Your Sales Strategy

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2020 is nearly behind us, and it was a year filled with unexpected challenges. Despite the disruptions of COVID-19 — from shifting priorities to missed quotas to major organizational changes — the optimists among us know it’s not all bad.

Top revenue teams still found ways to continue winning in an uncertain market, and we can take what they learned this year and prepare for what’s to come.

Sales in 2021 will look totally different for revenue teams. Here’s a look at two significant changes every sales professional can anticipate this year.

The Top Sales & Marketing Predictions for 2022

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Grit is more important than ever

The job description for a successful sales rep is going to change in 2021. In fact, it already has.

When the pandemic first hit, sales team leaders shifted to focus on helping their employees adjust to the new environment, including taking care of mental health. More flexible work hours, added benefits and bonuses, home office equipment, and opportunities for team connections all helped sales professionals begin to adjust to the “new normal.”

Taking care of mental health is still important, but we’re now 10 months in, and the market continues in an upward trajectory. B2B buyers have budget to spend, and sales reps have quotas to meet.

Sales professionals who can embody fortitude and tenacity — those who have strong routines, cultivate a healthy mindset, and know how to focus on the tasks at hand — will be the most sought after in the coming year, and for good reason.

Most reps are now working in an environment where it takes longer to ramp up accounts, and they are often working alone at home. It’s tough, and it requires perseverance, endurance, and grit.

Having grit means being more creative with relationship-building. Market uncertainty will mean sales reps need even more relationships, and it will take longer to build them, so patience will also be a factor.

Events will stay virtual, and the best sales reps will adapt

The loss of in-person events and conferences meant losing the kind of fortuitous encounters and connections between people that helped drive your business forward.

In the face of this change, a new sales tactic is emerging for 2021. Smart sales reps are finding ways to re-create fortuitous encounters for their customers by building small virtual communities of their own.

Imagine connecting your best customers with a handful of people who they might benefit from meetings. Sales reps doing this are providing real value to everyone in the circle. And, rather than asking their customers for something, they’ve found a way to give customers something of value that is hard to get right now: serendipitous connections and new relationships.

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Our leaders Manny Medina and Anna Baird recently chatted with Hilary Headlee, Head of Sales Operations and Enablement at Zoom, to share their big predictions for the top sales trends for 2021.

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