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The Age of Intelligent Sales Workflow

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Manny Medina


Sales is about finding the right prospects in your target companies and engaging them at the right time, with the right message. It’s hard work with a lot of manual steps: researching the right contacts, finding their information, communicating relevant information, initiating communication, and following up with phone/email/Linkedin. After you've done this, you follow up some more.

By partnering with Datanyze, we have managed to make the workflow a little smarter by streamlining or outright automating some of the above steps and indeed creating a significant time savings for SDRs. However, this is a first and small step of marrying data with workflow, in the more significant and arduous journey of midwifing an intelligent and data-aware sales workflow.

The importance of our partnership with Datanyze is that it marks the beginning of a new era in sales development. Gone are the days of hoarding stale prospect information in your CRM in the hopes of turning that data into opportunity one day.  We are ushering a new zeitgeist in which the workflow, not the database, is king!  Information is now put to work right away and the value of it is assessed immediately.  Information + Workflow raises the bar for everyone in the space as the buyers of contact information and predicative analytics can now measure ROI very quickly and workflow vendors will re-tool to make their tasks data-aware.

In a world moving to Account Based Sales + Marketing and predictive analytics (and away from “carpet bombing”), the ability to get fresh data and relevant prospects gives a rep the edge in engaging the right person at the right time before their competitors do.  For the SDR, data is only valuable if it is actionable and empowers him to turn intelligence into dollars.  The answer is to inject data into the workflow by making the workflow intelligent, imbuing it with relevant information and removing unnecessary steps. When the workflow automates predictable and repeable steps the SDR can maximize the amount of time spent in front of potential customers.

For a sales rep intelligent workflows is a step-change transformation that presents a very bright future.  A future in which he can rest assured that every action he is taking with that potential customer has the highest probability of success.  As Bill Murphy, Blackstone’s CTO, put it “… take away as much stress as possible from the easy stuff, by automating the routine and mundane actions, and give users more time to focus on the higher-end pieces of what they need to do.”  The world of smart workflows is one where the sales reps get to spend time exclusively on the activities they excel at most - engaging their customers and solving problems.   Outreach is committed to this vision of making the workflow smarter with data and we will continue to work with Datanyze and other partners to empower sales reps with the most valuable and actionable information.