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Introducing Texting in Outreach

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Take your customer relationships and conversations to the next level

When it comes down to it, sales is really about two things: building relationships and delivering value. A key element of doing both of these things well depends on how you’re communicating with your buyers. It’s more important than ever to have uninterrupted conversations with customers and buyers across multiple different channels. When used in the right way and at the right time, texting is critical to carrying on these conversations -- especially when you need to connect quickly or connect with your customers in a more personal way. It’s fast, accessible, and quickly becoming the norm for customer-facing teams.

Your team is  already texting their customers to reach them on the fly, but the downside to this is the lack of visibility you have into what they’re texting about. When reps resort to using their personal phones to text key details, you miss out on your best reps’ best practices and critical details that are important for every member of the deal team to know. While texting this way might help speed deals up in the near team, over the long run you will lose valuable data, miss successful best practices, and make your sales process less consistent and scalable.

But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice doing what works for visibility and consistency in your sales process.

Introducing Texting in Outreach

Today, we’re launching Texting in Outreach to give your team a new way to reach buyers and customers with the right message at the right time in the right way. Now reps can text contacts from Outreach to build stronger relationships with customers, get immediate responses, and share visibility into every step of the sales cycle.


With Texting in Outreach, your team can:

  • Text buyers and customers directly from Outreach to get faster responses -- Texting has nearly a 100% open rate, compared to email with only a 22% average open rate, and most texts receive a response within 5 minutes.
  • Strategically use texts to send the right message at the right time, and make other touchpoints more effective when including texting in sequences and multitouch communication strategy
  • And increase visibility for management and teams by providing insight into communications that used to happen “offline”

Texting signifies a really important step in the customer and sales rep relationship. When someone gives you their personal phone number, it’s a key indicator that you’re on the right path, and a sign that this is how your prospect wants to interact. Once that rapport has been built, texting, combined with other Outreach touchpoints, moves deals forward faster and lets you carry on these important conversations across platforms and without interruptions.

For instance, think of all the times you’ve sent a contract over email at the final hour of the quarter, and just missed getting that deal over the line. Now you can send a text to follow up that email. Think of all the times you call and no one picks up, and you leave a voicemail that you know will never get played. Now you can text to say why you called. And think of all the missed meetings because a customer didn’t notice their calendar reminder. Now you can text that reminder to make sure they’re prepared and on-time. And it’s all seamlessly orchestrated through Outreach, simple to use, and tracked for visibility.

"With Outreach Texting, my team is finally able to sync all of their activity back to Salesforce. It makes a difference to know that texting activities are being properly tracked." Andy Cahoy, Director of Inside Sales, Farmer's Business Network

However there is one time we don’t think you should text: cold prospecting. As important as it is to have the personal touch of texting to build existing relationships, its equally as important to remember that cell phones are a personal space. That’s why we built robust governance for you to determine who on your team can text, and how they can use it.

We believe texting is extremely valuable to your team, which is why we built a best in class solution natively into Outreach. It’s critical that texting augments your existing workflow instead of distracting you from the tasks already on your plate, which is why we’ve built this to integrate seamlessly into the way you’re already reaching customers with calls, emails, and sequences in Outreach: no toggling over to a 3rd party experience, no extra logins and licenses, and no distractions from the great work your team is doing.

Texting is now available to Outreach Voice users in early access. During the early access period, we’re offering texting at no additional cost. To start texting in Outreach, sign up for early access in the Peak (if you’re not a member yet, ask your CSM or for your join code). For more information on texting in Outreach, check out our support articles or reach out to

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