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Posted May 15, 2024

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By Lejla Rašić

Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

Account-based selling is crucial for B2B companies aiming to strategically target, retain, and expand their key accounts. It provides companies with a path to outpace and out-innovate competitors and stand out as trusted advisors. 

By employing  account-based selling, companies can maximize sales impact, foster long-term relationships, and ultimately boost revenue while enhancing customer retention - the benefits go on and on. Outreach customers see 15% more sales reps hit quota by investing in an account-based approach. While beneficial,  implementation is far from easy. Many organizations struggle to make it work in practice. Scattered teamwork, fragmented information, and clunky, manual processes create static and account plans that are outdated almost as soon as they're created.

Account plans, meant to be dynamic tools for growth, often end up obsolete and underutilized, hindering long-term success. 

In our latest release, we are addressing these challenges head-on to bring the change in the way we approach account-based selling implementation for your entire GTM team — from landing an account, retaining it, and expanding it. 

We are excited to announce several exciting capabilities in our May release to elevate your account strategy:

  • Smart Account Plan
  • Prospect Relationship Map
  • Smart Account Assist

Smart Account Plan

Outreach customers have long utilized Outreach’s account-focused workflows to execute their account-based selling strategy, engaging with their most crucial accounts in a personalized and targeted way. Outreach facilitates team alignment, aids in crafting personalized communication and delivers valuable insights into accounts. Although not a new approach, we’re witnessing a significant increase in momentum around it as inbound leads are drying up, and the challenge of limited opportunities for upselling and cross-selling remains.

Outreach’s Smart Account Plan is designed to enhance the account-based selling process and centralize everything for efficient strategic account planning and action within one platform. Smart Account Plan equips GTM teams with valuable account intelligence to build account strategy and gain comprehensive account insights. The best part? Your Account Plan resides right within your Outreach platform, seamlessly integrating it into users' day-to-day activities and keeping all account intelligence automatically up to date. 

To get started with Smart Account Plan, just switch your default Outreach Account layout to the Smart Account Plan and you're all set.

With Outreach’s Smart Account Plan, you can:

  • Keep Account Plans fresh and up- to- date and ensure it evolves with customer partnership 
  • Manage and execute your account strategy in one place —-- no more disjointed data and team collaboration
  • Get real-time account insights to stay ahead of game, drive personalized engagement, and informed decision-making
Screenshot of Outreach's Smart Account Plan displaying strategic initiatives & outcomes.

Prospect Relationship Map

What separates the top reps from everyone else is their mastery in multi-threading, adeptly identifying champions and detractors in the sales cycle and mapping out these relationships. According to Outreach data, cross-department threading has the potential to increase win rates by 56%

This is where our Prospect Relationship Map comes in. 

Outreach’s Prospect Relationship Map shows you who knows who and which stakeholders hold the power in your target accounts. With this map, your team can plan moves strategically, knowing exactly who to connect with and how to win them over. These maps give ultimate context to best work your relationship strategy to win bigger deals faster and develop engagement strategies. No more guessing games or wasted time chasing the wrong leads. Outreach’s Prospect Relationship Map puts you in control, helping you navigate the path with ease.

With Prospect Relationship Map you can easily:

  • Create and edit a visual representation of stakeholders and their influence in the buying process
  • Identify your key supporters and detractors to understand how to best work your relationship strategy
  • Get a holistic view of the entire buying committee so you can build effective engagement strategy

Smart Account Assist

Finally, as a manager, navigating through numerous interactions can be overwhelming – especially when everyone is demanding answers. Allow us to introduce your personal AI assistant: Smart Account Assist.

Understanding your accounts just became easier than ever. With AI Assist, your key account insights are just one click away. 

With Smart Account Assist, you gain access to AI-generated summaries of recent account activities, focusing on key takeaways and agreed-upon next steps, providing valuable insights at a glance. Outreach’s AI assist equips you with a high-level overview and keeps you informed without having to dig through piles of data. Additionally, if you have specific questions like, “What are the potential risks,” or, “What were the biggest objections or concerns raised so far?” simply ask and receive instant answers along with deep links to relevant meetings or emails for additional context. No  more sifting through endless data; now you can proactively pinpoint account risks and opportunities in seconds. 

Employ Smart Account Assist to:

  • Swiftly pinpoint account risk factors or business challenges to strategize the next best step
  • Get meeting-ready in seconds by asking questions about key takeaways and action items from the past meeting
  • Simplify account hand-offs by helping newly assigned reps to rapidly familiarize themselves with the account through concise summaries and the option to seek clarification
A gif of Outreach's Smart Account Plan illustrating swift utilization of Smart Account Assist.

Get started today

And the best part? All of this is available TODAY to ALL Outreach customers. 

If you are an Outreach customer, learn how to get started by reading our Knowledge Base article and explore what else is new in our May release notes

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