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Keep Your Revenue Engine Running Smoothly: How To Decrease Friction in the Buyer's Journey

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As technology advances, so do businesses and buyers. But it’s still the journey — not the destination — that matters. The customer experience and the buyer’s journey have become the preeminent factors that impact the way products are marketed and sold today.

The new generation of buyers are concerned with the experiences they get while shopping for, purchasing, and using a product. Sometimes, even more so than the price and the product itself.

For brands, that means every bump on the road, every rough patch that could cause friction, will be felt and noted by buyers. A little inconvenience here or a faulty link there will easily dampen a prospect’s curiosity. They can call off the journey with you at any time and hitch a ride with a competitor who promises something smoother. Or worse, vent their frustrations on product review sites and social media for all the world to see. Yikes.

So how can your sales team ensure that the experience you offer not only reduces the likelihood of letting customers down but also increases the chance that they will make a positive purchase decision at the end of the road?

There’s one sure way: Deliver a frictionless buyer’s journey.

How to make brand engagement feel like a joy ride

A strong majority of consumers and business buyers are willing to pay more to have a great experience with products and services. This dramatic shift towards emotional engagement (as opposed to an objective evaluation of product features and capabilities) defines the new way of doing business and of building relationships with clients. The buyer’s journey has become so central to business success that a huge chunk (49%) of all data analytics projects by 2020 will be about customer experience, according to Gartner.

In this environment, B2B brands have no choice but to outdo each other in orchestrating seamless and compelling experiences for their prospective clients. To gain and keep its competitive advantage, a business can only deliver a frictionless engagement process that extends throughout the buyer journey — from the point of discovery and awareness to assessment, adoption, and beyond.

That’s certainly a tall order. But to help you draw up a winning strategy, we've prepared a battle-tested guide that gives not only the step-by-step method for reducing friction in your sales process but also a few unique tips on how to do it easier and faster.

How to Deliver a Frictionless Buyer’s Journey

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In How to Deliver a Frictionless Buyer’s Journey, you’ll learn how to optimize the buyer journey, focusing on three major milestones that characterize the typical sales and marketing funnel:

  1. First Impressions (Discovery)
  2. Passing the Baton (Interest, Lead handoff from marketing to sales)
  3. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Adoption, Customer success)

In the B2B space, decision makers have come to expect the same immersive and personalized experiences common in the consumer market. For one thing, they demand access to a reasonable volume of quality information about your brand and your products that they can discover on their own. But they also expect the same level of attention, customer care, and expert advice accorded to valued corporate clients by well-trained reps and account executives.

Meeting these demands in a seamless manner can be quite challenging for sales leaders. Fortunately, there are some tactical steps you can make right away that smoothen some of the friction these expectations cause. You can also use technology to equip your reps with the insight and tools they need to effectively and efficiently guide customers across the journey.

Among other things, this guide will show you how to —

  • Make a good first impression through your website
  • Configure and deploy opt-in forms for optimal advantage in different scenarios
  • Use progressive profiling to accelerate lead qualification
  • Orchestrate a painless hand-off of qualified leads from marketing to sales
  • Leverage sales engagement platforms to enhance rep performance while making their lives easier and more fun
  • Onboard new clients the right way and get them on track towards customer success
  • Extend and enrich customers’ lifetime value through seamless experiences

All business is a race

Whether like a sprint or marathon, business success is always a race. You’re in a race against time, competitors, disruptions, antiquated strategies, and obsolete mindsets.

Revenue engines are complicated: multiple teams using multiple channels and engagement platforms. In any complex organization, it's expected that somewhere a kink or a roadblock might just pop up, creating friction in the buyer’s journey and drag in your profitability.

It takes a lot to win a race. This guide will help you remove obstacles in the buyer's journey so you can reach the finish line!

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