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Introducing Outreach Commit and the Outreach Engagement & Intelligence Platform

Manny Medina, Outreach CEO and Co-Founder's Avatar

Manny Medina, Outreach CEO and Co-Founder

The days of leaders relying on intuition to forecast or coach their sales teams are over. And the leaders I see really accelerating the growth of their businesses are those who embrace the digital disruption of sales.

We call these leaders Revenue Innovators.

Revenue Innovators know that the remote and digital world is here to stay and that the majority of new hires on sales teams are digital natives who have never seen a world without the internet or smartphone.

These leaders understand that traditional tools don’t work in a hybrid selling world. After all, it’s not feasible to walk around the sales floor to listen and give hands-on guidance when your sellers are working from home.

Revenue Innovators all have one thing in common — they are driving efficiency, predictability, and growth by innovating and bringing the power of AI and machine learning to their sales practices.

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Instead of relying on gut instincts to make business decisions, Revenue Innovators leverage AI to mine massive volumes of engagement data, which gives them actionable customer intelligence that can guide sellers to close more deals, and managers can better guide them through each sales call.

Instead of relying on siloed data, disconnected point solutions and a static system of record, like CRM, Revenue Innovators demand systems of action that guide their reps to work at their full potential by taking the right actions and making the right decisions.

Instead of using guesswork to predict their forecast, Revenue Innovators use clear, accessible data to commit with confidence and understand exactly what actions to take to beat their forecast.

The first and only Engagement & Intelligence platform

Revenue Innovators don’t need another point solution that will create more gaps and more friction. They need a unified platform to help their organizations make the right call in the moment instead of relying on gut instinct.

That’s why we built the first and only Engagement and Intelligence platform, an end-to-end platform made for and by Revenue Innovators. A platform to give revenue teams a complete picture of deals, buyers, and sellers. And a platform that’s built on data — giving them visibility, confidence, and peace of mind.

Introducing Outreach Commit — Take the guesswork out of your forecast

One of the key ingredients of becoming a Revenue Innovator is evolving from predicting the future based on intuition, to using AI-recommended actions that change it.

I'm excited to share today that Outreach acquired Revenue Intelligence software leader, Canopy. And with that, I'm thrilled to introduce our new solution leveraging Canopy technology – Outreach Commit.

Outreach Commit takes the guesswork out of your forecast process and guides your teams to take actions that push the forecast higher.

Learn how to optimize your pipeline and forecast with Outreach Commit

Marrying engagement and intelligence to bring science to the art of sales

I’m excited to share some updates to our existing products to support the Outreach platform evolution. These updates will continue to help Revenue Innovators drive efficient, predictable growth.

New Kaia features help sales managers onboard reps 4x faster, increase rep productivity by 30%

Kaia, our voice-and video-enabled real-time conversation intelligence solution, now provides real-time talk analytics, comprehensive search, saved search, and Outreach Voice Import. These capabilities will be available to customers by the end of October.

Learn how to guide your teams to success with Kaia

 Success Plans, available soon, helps you gain better deal visibility and coach your team to increase close rates

I first announced Success Plans back in May during our Unleash conference, and I’m now excited to announce it will be generally available October 27.

A success plans is a mutual action plan that provides sales leaders better visibility into deals, which enables them to coach their teams to higher close rates.

Learn how other businesses are succeeding with Outreach Success Plans

Drive your own predictable, efficient growth

For all of us, embracing digital-first was not a choice 18 months ago. It was a survival necessity. But Revenue Innovators saw this differently. They saw it as evidence of the end of traditional sales as we know it, and they ran with it.

What have we learned?

Revenue teams that run headfirst toward digital transformation will deliver faster and more effectively because they have the real-time data to drive predictable, efficient growth.

By investing in a single and unified engagement and intelligence platform, revenue leaders can continue to drive success in their teams, in their organizations, and for themselves.

Revenue Innovators know the future of sales is here. Make sure your business isn’t left behind.

Learn how Outreach helps 19 of the top 25 fastest growing companies close more deals, faster

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