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How AuditBoard is Using Outreach to Optimize Their WFH Teams

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If you're used to managing your sales team in an office, the sudden switch to remote work during shelter-in-place is not easy. One outcome, however, is the outpouring of support for each other in our community. Our goal for this time (when we're not working hard to make the Unleash Virtual Summit awesome) is to provide a platform for salespeople to share how they're working through the uncertainty. We've covered managing a WFH sales team, updating your sales strategy for the COVID-19 world, and how Protegrity enables their WFH business development team.

Now it's time for our customers to take the mic. We asked Rob Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales at AuditBoard, how he leverages the Outreach sales engagement platform to keep his team on track during these uncertain times.


Rob Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales at Auditboard

"In afternoon calls, we look at the Outreach Manager Dashboard together to review everyone's call numbers, email numbers, and meetings set for the day and how they compare to the goals we set that morning."

How are you using Outreach to manage your teams or understand what's going well and what's not going well while remote? Which Outreach features could you not live without?

Rob: AuditBoard is the third fastest growing technology company in North America as ranked on Deloitte's Fast 500, and Outreach is integral to how our sales organization functions. Today, Outreach is more important than ever since everyone is working remotely and we have a mix of fully ramped and newer reps.

Snippets, Templates, and Sequences enable me to provide content to the team and ensure all reps, tenured or new, are following the same sales processes we have in place, working all of their inbound and outbound leads sufficiently, and speaking about AuditBoard the way we intend for them to. A strong library of sequences for all possible use cases is key.

AuditBoard was founded by former audit executives and all areas of the company—from development, to client success, to sales—are composed of former auditors and subject matter experts. Therefore, during this pandemic we're hyper-focused on being empathetic and delivering a ton of value for our prospective clients in the form of weekly webinars and guides to enable business continuity. The primary job of the BDR team right now is to share these resources with the audit leadership community, adding value to them, and introducing the AuditBoard platform in the process.

Another key element is ensuring productivity and activity don't drop when moving from a professional working environment to working out of your bedroom or kitchen in some cases. Not everyone has the luxury of a home office.

My team and I huddle every morning to kick-off the day setting our goals, and then we wrap up each afternoon together over a video meeting to debrief on what we accomplished and share wins and challenges amongst each other. The Outreach Manager Dashboard is crucial for me. In those afternoon calls, we look at the Dashboard together to review call numbers, email numbers, and meetings set for the day and how they compare to the goals we set that morning. When you aren't sitting in the same room with your sales team, it is important to have those metrics available in real-time.

How are you staying healthy and motivated, and how are you motivating your team?

Rob: This is a very unique and challenging time for most of us in sales right now. I certainly have never experienced anything like this in my career, or personal life, so far. To stay healthy, my family is following the recommendation to stay home. Fortunately, we had previously set up two workstations in the house and a simple gym in the garage that allows me to squeeze in workouts in the early morning or evening after my wife and I put our daughter to bed. Coronavirus or no coronavirus, providing my family with the best possible life has always been what keeps me motivated every day.

To keep a remote sales team focused and motivated you have to meet regularly and have everyone turn on their cameras so you can see each other and be connected. I recommend meeting twice a day while your reps are getting accustomed to being remote for the first time, as it can be a challenge for many people. We make a point to share wins and challenges, so the learning doesn't stop even though we aren't sitting on the same sales floor anymore. The company as a whole has been very supportive to employees too. They've launched weekly virtual happy hours and daily meditation and motivation meetings that are optional.

Remind your team of the mission you all are on and their role in achieving that success. Also, and this is something every sales manager should do daily, let your team know that you appreciate them and that you've got their backs. Lastly, even though you aren't in the office, keep friendly competitions or spiffs running to keep things fun and competitive.

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