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Happy SAL-loween! Don't Get Spooked by the End of Your Month

Steve Ross, Director of Sales Development's Avatar

Steve Ross, Director of Sales Development


Happy Halloween - or as we’re thinking of it around the office, SAL-loween! Today is the last day of the month and, at Outreach, the last day of our third quarter. A lot of sales teams think their fates are pretty much sealed at this point in the game - you’ve worked hard for 90 days, and the finish line is in sight. That train of thought is scarier than the Blair Witch Project!

I disagree with sales manager who think the month’s fate is already set in stone by the last day. The last few hours of the quarter are prime time to finish the month stronger than ever, and it’s where the grittiest, most driven reps stand out from the pack. Do you have the grit it takes to give these final hours 150%? Here are six things you can do on this SAL-loween to not get spooked by missing your number and finish your month stronger than ever.

  1. Refuse to quit - sales is a mental game. Bring it every day and stay in condition. When it’s coming down to the final hours of a month or quarter you will need to tap into your energy here to finish the race. As I mentioned before, this is where our grittiest reps have their moment to shine. Even if it seems impossible, putting in some extra hours on the last day and doubling down on your warmest leads can help you get that last SAL over the finish line.
  2. Focus on quality, not quantity - never forget that sales is about adding value. Your prospect has a problem and you have a solution. You may be tempted to fast track a prospect to hit your number but slow down to speed up. Dig for pain, understand the prospect’s business, and connect the dots.
  3. Close out your pipeline - you have been building it over the last couple weeks or months. Prioritize your actions based on the best opportunities and those most likely to close out. Forget about your pipe dreams and close out your solid deals.
  4. Ask for referrals - one of the best ways to supercharge your results is to tap into referrals. Leverage your personal network, your colleague’s network and of course current customers. A.R.E - Ask, Reward, make it Easy. Your velocity increases because you can get in the door quicker and begin with a warm conversation.
  5. Turn over rocks - you may have had a great conversation earlier in the quarter but it went cold. With Outreach our team never misses a follow up or loses sight of a deal. You are always going to have prospects that weren’t immediately ready to take the next step. Those names on your “reach out in the future” list applies, now.
  6. Look ahead - The best way to finish a quarter strong is to start strong. Avoid the hamster wheel by setting up your next quarter early. Review your prospect lists, prioritize, do your research and add your prospects to sequence. Consistency and world-class execution trump chaos every time.