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Announcing: The First Annual Nucleo Awards

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Nucleus // noun // The central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth.

At Outreach, it’s no secret that our customers are the center of our universe. Being One With the Customer is an Outreach core value - because our customers’ success, feedback, and dedication to excellence are what drive the future of our platform. This is why we have chosen to name our first-ever customer awards ceremony The Nucleos. The Nucleo is our logo mark and we thought it appropriate to recognize these award winners as a part of our brand and of our organization itself. But even more importantly, the Nucleos are an opportunity to recognize our customers as our company’s nucleus, as the central force that drives everything we do.

We’re excited to announce the first annual Nucleo Award winners at our user conference, Unleash, taking place May 6-8 at Paradise Point in San Diego. Seven outstanding customers -- each of whom has driven success at their organization through their exceptional use of Outreach, passion for sales excellence, and dedication to operating at their peak every day -- will be recognized on stage and throughout the conference.

The Nucleo Awards finalists are key customer representatives at Unleash, and should be looked upon as a crucial resource for all others looking to reach the peak of productivity and excellence. If you’re coming to Unleash, look for them as you walk around, and be sure to strike up a conversation with them. They each have endless knowledge to share, and are happy to use their experiences to help everyone around them. We hope you look to them as thought leaders in the space -- because we sure know they are!

We are so excited to recognize the various Nucleo Awards and exceptional finalists below.


Outreach Outside the Box is awarded to a customer who knows Outreach so well that they’ve developed a use case or strategy that takes Outreach to completely new levels. This award recipient stretches sales strategies to their limits in unique, creative, and incredible ways in order to reach peak excellence.

The SuperHero award goes to a customer who has helped build our customer community from the ground up. From participating in every challenge in our online community, The Peak, to being an avid and exceptional ReachOut host, our SuperHero builds Outreach customer communities wherever they go.

No Sequence Unreplied is awarded to a customer who has a knack for developing incredible content and sequences that lead to high engagement and reply rates? This award will go to a customer who is an expert at engaging with their prospects in creative, effective, and efficient ways.

The Gold Miner is an expert at prospecting, connecting with cold leads, and illustrating the value of their product immediately. Outreach is their right-hand-man in all of this, helping them prospect in new and creative ways.

The Rookie of the Year award recognizes an Outreach customer who has been using Outreach for less than a year, but has already seen evidence of increased success. Our Rookie of the Year is a superstar user, admin, or sales leader who has scaled to levels of excellence in a super short amount of time by taking of Outreach to the fullest extent possible.

The Outreach Wizard has a gift for making Outreach work like magic. From creating automated workflows, to using triggers that streamline the follow-up process, the Outreach Wizard uses the platform to simplify and improve their (or their team's) life.

The Power Couple of the Year award goes to a marketing leader (or a marketing & sales leader pair) who has ensured that all leads are followed up with, sales is enabled with the best language and assets, and both teams are kept outstandingly happy. They understand that alignment between sales and marketing teams is crucial to company success.


Lisa Goldsher, Director of Business Development at FinancialForce

Marya Dzmitruk, Sponsorship Manager at Talkdesk

Ed Sellito, Director, Customer Success Operations at Newsela

Alex Hudzik, Director of Inside Sales at Nasuni

Ryan Schertzer, Director of Inside Sales at Seal Software

Tyler Bench, Director of Demand Generation at LucidChart

McClain Smith, Manager of Sales Development at LucidChart

Nichole Vine, Content Marketing Manager at SurveyMonkey

Michael Shaw, Marketing Partner Manager at Pinterest

Slater Bridgman, Business Development at AppDynamics

Talia McCurtain, Business Development Team Lead at LogicMonitor

David Connors, CEO & Founder at Automately

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