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A Day in the Life of 5 New Features: October Monthly Round Up

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With the release of 5 new features, Outreach helps reps and managers streamline your day. From the moment your workday starts to closing out an opportunity, we released a number of features in October to give you more time back in your day to engage smarter and spend more time selling. Learn how User Timezone-Based Sequences, Account-Based Triggers, Opportunity Page Enhancements, and Missed Call Notification and Filters, your reps have a cheat code for making their day more efficient without having to enter in ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A.

Imagine: it’s the start of your work day and you’re reaching out to prospects. But today, you feel even more confident. Why?

With new User Timezone-Based Sequences, admins can schedule each Sequence’s send time based on the prospect or rep’s timezone, giving reps the confidence that they’re engaging with prospects during peak times. For instance, if your company is headquartered in Seattle (wink) but you have reps in NYC prospecting across the east coast, admins can default Sequences to send in the prospect’s timezone--or the rep’s timezone if you don’t know the prospect’s--eliminating the need to create a separate set of Sequences for your east coast team.

And then the best thing happens: a prospect from one of your account-based sales (ABS) high-priority accounts replies to your email and wants to book a meeting for later this afternoon! You’re able to quickly pivot to prepping for the meeting with our new Account-Based Triggers, which automatically stops all other Sequences that are active on this account, saving you the time and effort of searching and stopping them manually. For instance, if you have 5 people in 5 different Sequences that are all on the same account and one of them books a meeting, this feature automatically stops the other 4 Sequences from running and eliminates the back and forth between you and multiple prospects.

And now, Outreach has made prepping for your meeting easier and more efficient than ever. With the new Opportunity Page Enhancements, all engagements for each opportunity are centralized in a single place, giving you a more comprehensive snapshot and the ability to drill down to see which Sequences, tasks, emails, calls, and meetings have already occurred. These enhancements enable you to study up faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

You and your sales manager have all recent activity for each opportunity at your fingertips to strategize your meeting and be prepared for any questions or concerns that they might have.

And then, the prospect calls you because they need to push your meeting back 20 minutes, but you’re on a demo call. With new Missed Call Notifications and Filters, reps can easily identify they have missed a call, filter all calls by missed, and with one click - instantly re-engage with their prospect.

When you start your scheduled meeting, it goes really well--your prep paid off!-- and the prospect wants to have another conversation after the quarter ends. To make sure your follow-up is a success, you navigate to the Sequence page to view which Sequence drove the most meetings. With the new Sequence to Meeting Correlation view, sales managers can select a Sequence, see how many meetings were booked from that Sequence, and easily drill down into which of the steps are converting the most meetings. Sales managers now have the insights to build winning playbooks and make each rep successful at scale.

With these new features, reps are able to work more efficiently and engage smarter, culminating in greater efficiency and greater insights into which engagements are building pipeline for your business. With Outreach, reps are freed from admin work to focus on the best way to expand your business: engaging your customers.

For more on these 5 new features, visit our Support pages below to learn more and get started today!