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8 infographics that show the sales operations industry in 2017

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Chelsey Feldman

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Sales operations is the unsung hero that holds our teams together through every aspect of the sales funnel. From ensuring our sales software is set-up properly, to guiding the way we implement account based sales best practices, they keep the ship running. And a fully developed sales operations program will bring in more revenue: the Harvard Business Review found that companies who spent three hours per month managing the sales pipeline saw 11% more revenue growth than companies that don’t. It’s no wonder there is constantly a need for more talent in the ops field - whether in sales operations or in other business support disciplines.

The Dr. Watsons of the business world, we wouldn’t be able to book more meetings, close more deals, and crush quota without our trusty sales ops team. Our friends over at Insight Squared collaborated with LinkedIn to produce a fascinating infographic about the state of the business ops industry in 2017. We talk a lot about sales operations best practices for reps and account executives, but for those of you who are interested in the behind the scenes careers that makes the magic happen, this is your moment: read on!