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3 Ways to Boost Your Sales Productivity Today!

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How productive do you think your sales reps are throughout the week? On any given day?

Your Outreach Dashboard might be telling you that your team is staying on top of their tasks, but if your reps are working extra-long days just to stay afloat, they’re going to burn out sooner or later.

The key to avoiding the dreaded burnout is to increase productivity. Sales productivity is measured by the increase in revenue per sales rep over time. The key to better productivity is to increase revenue-driving activities and decrease time spent on other stuff.

Here are three ways you can improve your sales team’s productivity, hit your numbers, and save time.

Practice, practice, practice

In any career, you’ve got to practice to become a pro. You can’t play the guitar like a rock star when you’re just learning to strum your first chord. Sales productivity pretty much uses the same formula. The more experience you have navigating different selling scenarios, the higher your chances of closing a deal or getting better prospecting results.

But how exactly do salespeople fit practice into their ridiculously busy schedule? You might say that on-the-job training would eventually address any skill gap a salesperson needs to fill as she advances in the field. That might be true, but “eventually” is not always a word outbound sales leaders love to hear. Just imagine the number of valuable opportunities that your team might lose while fresh-faced sellers struggle to survive on the frontline.

Onboarding helps. But daily, consistent practice holds the key. Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly, recommends a simple solution: find and grab daily practice opportunities already lurking in your schedule.

Sharing his insights on the Sales Engagement podcast, Bryan detailed how teams can rediscover the tried-and-true benefits of practice and accelerate their way to productivity by 40%.

Brian has a secret to increasing sales productivity: it’s called micro-learning.

You don’t have to pull your people from sales floor and send them to half-day training sessions. Micro-learning opportunities are just waiting to be utilized throughout the day.

To increase productivity, here are some micro-learning techniques you can adopt right away:

  1. Virtual role play - record your pitch on video and ask everyone for immediate feedback.
  2. Micro role play - take 5-10 minutes from a scheduled meeting to have two sellers role play a tricky or intriguing selling situation.
  3. Peer role play - grab a peer at any point in the day to practice pitches for 10 minutes.

Rinse and repeat these micro-learning sessions as often as possible with your sales reps. This practice is proven to help sellers reach peak performance faster than onboarding alone.

Use smart scheduling technology

In the fast-paced environment of sales, getting everyone in a room or video call at the same time can be a recurring challenge, especially with the manual calendar invite song-and-dance.

For your team to remain on track and increase productivity, you need to embrace smart scheduling technologies. That’s what the people at Jitterbit actually did. Led by Customer Success Manager, Taylor Cunningham, the company used Outreach Meetings to automatically align schedules for both internal and external meetings in real time.

The outcome was phenomenal: time savings equivalent to an entire extra week in the year. That translates to many hours (168) of sales productivity recovered from tedious, administrative tasks like going back and forth with a prospect to agree on a meeting time.

But what if prospects want to schedule a meeting on their own terms? Which reps are available and who should take the meeting? Sales managers should want every eligible sales rep on their watch to get a fair chance at building relationships, but making a fair selection can be difficult. Thankfully, solutions that also provide round-robin scheduling capabilities do this automatically and take the anxiety out of the process.

Smart sales tech that aligns schedules in real time and that provide round-robin selection not only increase individual sales rep productivity, but it also make prospects and customers happy.

Focus on selling

When reps spend time on non-core activities and tedious administrative tasks such as manually entering or updating CRM data, the team loses precious opportunities to drive sales productivity and reach its goals.

That, unfortunately, is the case for many businesses. According to Salesforce, most sales reps spend only a third of their time on sales-related activities, spending the rest on non-sales tasks just to meet rising customer expectations.

Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs) can change the calculus. Powered by Machine Learning and data science, SEPs such as Outreach can do the heavy lifting and automate tedious tasks, freeing sellers to shine at their brightest.

Leveraging sales automation, cold sales email templates, and other sales productivity tools, SEPs represent the new generation of technology enablers that will increase your team’s competitive advantage. The best SEPs can help you prioritize, personalize, and analyze all your sales activities so you can close more and bigger deals faster.

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