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Gravity Payments eliminates busywork, gains deal clarity with Success Plans

Key results
Saved hundreds of hours of time by consolidating deal information
Closed deals faster with pre-determined Success Plans
Improved deal forecast accuracy with increased visibility into sales activity
Serving the team in order to serve the customer

Credit card processing company Gravity Payments is always looking for ways to improve the lives of their customers and their employees. It should come as no surprise then that adopting Success Plans was motivated by a desire to be the best partner they can possibly be to their customers, and to their employees.

With Success Plans, the Gravity Payments sales team is able to improve internal processes, get clarity on deal progress, eliminate busywork, and in turn, be empowered to welcome more customers onto the Gravity platform.

Searching for consistency to increase sales velocity

Before using Success Plans, the Gravity Payments team was tracking deal information across spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails, and chat messages. This disorganization was costing them time, and ultimately money.

Tyler Fujishin, a former Sales Enablement Manager at Gravity Payments, says customer relationship managers (reps) would spend up to 10 minutes sorting through emails to figure out where their deal stands. Multiply that out by hundreds of deals, and the team was losing a lot of time to nothing work.

We did the math.

Ten minutes spent looking for information x 500 deals in progress = 83 hours (or 2 weeks) lost to nothing work.

But the cost was more than just wasted time; it was also impacting the relationship managers ability to close deals with potential customers. Without a clear idea of where each deal stands, and with so many new deals coming in each day, it was easy for relationship managers to lose track of what they were doing, when it needed to be done, and who they were working with. This lack of clarity slowed down the speed of deal execution.

As Gravity Payments grew, it was even more important for the team to have a solution that would keep them organized to save reps time and streamline their sales process. Standardizing their sales motions was the first step to increasing their productivity and executing deals faster.

Improving productivity by standardizing the sales motion

When Tyler heard about Success Plans, he immediately knew it was the solution his team needed. The Success Plans feature allows the Gravity Payments team to create custom templates for common sales playbooks that can be easily replicated across different verticals. Now, instead of starting from scratch with each new customer, Tylers team can build upon a consistent, repeatable process to execute deals faster.

The big win for managers and reps alike is to have Plans laid out in a very clear format. This way, reps see all the pieces that need to happen for a deal to go through. It helps them make sure they're buttoned up, and for managers to rest easy knowing reps are crossing the t's and dotting the i's.
Tyler Fujishin
Former Sales Enablement Manager

Providing relationship managers with a more standard approach has saved them time and allowed them to be more productive. Today, instead of spending hours each week tracking down deal information, Gravity Payments relationship managers are using that time to actively drive deals across the finish line. As a result, the team is closing more deals and faster than before using Success Plans.

Increased visibility for better deal forecasting and customer service

Tracking opportunities in Success Plans also gives sales managers more confidence when assessing the health of their sales pipeline, Tyler says. This he knows from experience. A quick glance at their Success Plan dashboard tells Tyler and other managers whats moving and whats not, and informs them where their efforts would be best spent each day.

This increased visibility into deal progress is key to ensure nothing slips through the cracks as Gravity Payments business grows. Now, managers can identify where potential customers need more support to feel confident moving deals forward. Customer relationship managers can then take the reins and address those needs in order to fortify the health of the deal. At scale, this translates to better deal forecasting and a more robust pipeline.

Success Plans Timeline

Timeline in Success Plans drives engagement and creates accountability on the timelines, next steps, and business objectives between both parties.

For Tyler, he sees Success Plans as the key driver to extending the mission of Gravity Payments: providing great service to independent businesses. The faster his team can execute on deals, the faster they can get customers onboarded to the platform, and the more businesses they can reach and service.

We want to make sure were delivering quality customer service to each and every person that were working with, and Success Plans will let us do that at scale," Tyler says.

Faster onboarding with a growing team

As Gravity Payments grows, Success Plans helps them keep pace with business. With clearly structured sales processes, new team members get up and running quickly. The sooner they can ramp, the sooner they can start serving new customers.

“Right now, we’re growing our team of relationship managers. Success Plans is going to give them some train tracks to be on, so they know exactly what needs to happen for each deal.”

With Success Plans, Tyler says supervisors can quickly identify why things are or arent working with a customer and coach their teams on how to get things back on track. This helps them retain valuable customers, close deals successfully, and continuously improve their approach over time.

The result? Gravity Payments is able to scale their business while maintaining the high quality relationships with customers that sets them apart.


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