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You asked, we delivered. Our latest product release includes features requested by you! Check out these highlights and see how they can improve your workflows.

Manage & Guide Deals

See the entire deal on a single pane of glass

  • Understand key deal details: value, close date, and changes
  • See a visual representation of buyer engagement activity
  • View previous Kaia meeting insights, Deal Health score, and Success Plans progress all in one place

Forecast & Plan

Build a dynamic forecast in minutes

  • Pipeline Dashboard: View your teams’ pipeline performance from a single view built with AI-powered win models bespoke to every team and seller in your organization.
  • Forecasting: View all of the forecasts for your organization and the associated roll-up down to each individual rep and deal.
  • Scenario Planner: Quickly test and plan possible forecast outcome scenarios using advanced AI modeling on different team metrics.

Coach & Improve Performance

Monitor seller activities and coach to success

Understand how your reps are performing every minute of the day. All your prospecting metrics are now available in one team activity report.

    New customer stories

    Reps at Cisco have everything they need to execute in a single place


    Cisco uses Outreach to bring consistency to how their team of over 1,200 sellers engage with their customers and track success. The results: reps using Outreach are producing 85% more activity and closing more deals. 

    Outreach demos

    The platform designed for your entire revenue team


    As GTM President, David uses Outreach to inspect pipeline, improve productivity, and boost morale. Watch as he runs through how he gets the information he needs directly from the platform in the first 30 minutes of his day.

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