Sales Leader's Kit to Outbound Sales

Building an outbound sales team is hard. And the reality is: 50% of salespeople won't hit their number this year. Why? Because juggling today's sophisticated sales funnel and pipeline without significant assistance is near impossible. That's why Sales Engagement Platforms were born: to help assist formerly insurmountable sales challenges with the beauty of automation.

Download this kit and get all the essential items to learning best practices for building a modern outbound sales army.

What you get in this kit:

  • 5 Essential Steps to Building a Hunter Culture (PDF)
  • Sales Engagement Platforms are the New Frontier of B2B Sales (Forrester Study)
  • The Sales Leader's Guide to Prospecting Intelligently (eBook)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Sales Engagement Platforms (eBook)
  • Neo4j Builds a Self-Driving Sales Team (Case Study)