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Sales reps spend up to ⅔ of their time not selling. And a lot of that time is taken up by the administrative work that comes with booking, holding, and following up from meetings.

Instead of focusing on prospect engagement, sales reps spend hours playing calendar bingo and manually sending reminders and follow-ups. And still, 20% of booked meetings fail because a prospect cancels or forgets to show up.

Imagine a world where you never had to worry about these problems again.

We’re excited to bring you Outreach Meetings, a first of its kind, comprehensive sales meeting solution - built right into Outreach.

It’s a solution that’s uniquely designed for the specific needs of sales teams - one that equips you with the best tools in the industry to reduce no-show rates and makes it easy and efficient to book meetings intelligently.

Outreach Meetings is a suite of features that solves all the pain points of scheduling a meeting by replacing manual, disorganized tasks with hassle free, intuitive solutions that schedule - and reschedule - meetings with fewer clicks and make communication much more effective.

With Meetings:

  • The hassle of going back and forth to schedule a time to meet will be gone.
  • All of the follow-up, reminders, and tasks before and after a great meeting will be intelligently automated.
  • We’ll make it drop-dead simple to allow prospects to book times and for you to do group scheduling.
  • And we’ll power you with every possible tool to ensure your meetings are attended and set up for success.

Outreach Meetings will integrate seamlessly with Google Calendars and Office 365, and automatically sync with your CRM to keep you in control of your schedule wherever you work.

We’re also giving you the intelligence to book smarter, more effective meetings with a strong focus on actionable analytics. We will learn from your experience and tell you what you need to do to ensure your meetings are as successful as possible.

Outreach Meetings continues to support our vision to have every person on your sales team’s back through every step in the sales cycle to create one end to end sales engagement platform.

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