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Forrester's TEI Report: Outreach Customers Increase Sales Productivity

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Cari Murray

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A rep who is consistently exceeding her (or his) quota is a lot like a great sales pitch: people want to know more. Peers and their sales managers and leaders alike are wondering: How are you doing this, and how can we replicate your success?

Today, with the release of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) research report, sales teams don’t have to wonder any longer. Using their own methodology, Forrester found that on average, sales reps who are using Outreach are able to exceed their sales quotas because of increased sales productivity and greater sales effectiveness. In fact, one Outreach customer decided to adjust rep quotas upward to better reflect their teams’ greater efficiency and effectiveness.

With a demonstrable ROI of 387%, Outreach delivers a 5x return on investment, and companies break even on cost in less than 3 months.

Outreach Enables Greater Sales Productivity & Effectiveness

Forrester’s results come from direct interviews with current Outreach customers, who describe their results after implementing the platform. These enterprise sales orgs reported greater sales productivity because reps are leveraging Outreach’s automation to take on previously manual and time-consuming admin tasks, and working faster through our integrations that centralize sales tools and motions into the platform. Combined, Outreach pushed sales productivity up by 11%, achieving a value of $6.9 million over three years.

What’s more, Outreach not only enables sales reps to work faster, they’re also engaging smarter. With Outreach's artificial intelligence-powered insights and in-platform data, reps can spend their time doubling down on the activities and engagements that drive the most deals, and retiring the ones that don't. With this level of insight, Outreach increased sales orgs' effectiveness by 8%, achieving a value greater than $5 million over three years.

Total Impact Sparks Total Transformation

Combined, Outreach customers realized a value greater than $12M through the increase in productivity and effectiveness. But that's not all. Read the full report to learn more about how quickly their investment in Outreach broke even, and the historical pain points our platform solved, and more.