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What is it like to go through a divorce, while still having to hit quota? What is it like to deal with a condition like anxiety when you have to talk to people on the phone all day? What is it like to have your sales manager drill you on process when what you really need are some tips on how to be more confident? 

These are the types of questions that inspired Beyond the Number, a new content destination celebrating the human side of sales. Beyond the Number empowers sales professionals to win bigger by providing expert content on traditionally taboo subjects: conquering sales burnout, embracing work life integration, navigating divorce, managing stress, and much more.

"As sales leaders, it is our privilege and our responsibility to coach salespeople to perform at peak excellence. With 20 years in the business as a sales leader, I can confidently say that salespeople become unstoppable once they master the winning mindset,” said Outreach Senior Vice President of Revenue Matt Millen. “Yet when you look at the sales content resources out there, it’s almost entirely dedicated to tools and process. With Beyond the Number, Outreach is creating a place to fuel that mindset, provide that energy, ignite that fire, and ultimately crush their number with consistency.  

"When we started Beyond the Number, people asked if there was really a need for a  content destination on mindset specifically for sales," said Manny Medina, Outreach CEO. "Our answer is an unequivocal 'yes.' Salesperson is a role unlike any other. There is no other job that requires you to be on point every day and crush your number, regardless of what is going on in your personal life. As such, it takes a very special sort of person to be able to succeed in sales. It is this special type of person–the salesperson–that Outreach celebrates with this new content destination. Salespeople: we've got your back." 

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