The one rule for B2B sales in 2023 – increase rep productivity or fail

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    In the new era of B2B sales, AEs must run their book of business – like a business

    Inbound pipeline is slowing, marketing budgets are under pressure, and SDR ratios are declining. To hit quota in this new era of B2B sales – AEs need to balance driving more of their own pipeline coverage and running an effective sales cycle to close those deals.

    Watch this conversation featuring Forrester Research to learn:

    • How B2B sales has changed for AEs and sales leaders
    • What AEs will do differently in 2023 to increase win rates in the face of a volatile market
    • How sales leaders looking to improve rep productivity and accelerate deal velocity can equip their teams with a sales execution platform
    • How to deliver better sales outcomes with a single platform leveraging intent data, sales engagement, conversation intelligence and mutual success plans

    Featured guest:

    Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Outreach speakers:

    Matt Flug, Evangelist, Outreach

    Grace Presnick, Account Executive, Outreach

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