How to use mutual action plans in Outreach to shorten deal cycles and boost win rates

    Delivering a great buying experience from start to finish is critical to predictably closing deals in any market. But with changing buyer behaviors, increasingly complex buying groups, and tightening budgets sellers need the right tools for sellers and buyers to collaborate on objectives and jointly manage the purchase cycle. 

    Watch this demo of Outreach Success Plans to learn:

    • How sales leaders use Outreach to operationalize qualification methodologies like MEDDPICC, MEDDIC, BANT, or SPIN— ensuring sellers consistently and continuously qualify deals
    • How top-performing AEs use mutual action plans to align with all stakeholders all the way to close
    • How to use mutual action plans to avoid potential deal-killing scenarios, such as a departing champion or new stakeholders entering the deal


    Grace Presnick, Account Executive
    Christine Allanson, Commercial Sales Director


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