Managers can now get weekly digests of their team's performance

Posted August 1, 2016

By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


We often hear that managers have a lot on their plate, and finding the time to review their team's performance can be challenging to fit into their daily schedules, especially around the mornings.

At the same time, managers recognize the importance of noticing individuals who are performing well and want to coach those that are struggling.

Today, we’re excited to announce that managers now have the option to receive a weekly email digest sales rep reports to gain visibility into how individuals on their teams are working in Outreach, directly within their inboxes.

The Demo

To enable this new email notification, go to your settings and find the “notifications” area of the page. Select the option to "send a weekly email with stats and leaderboards for your subordinates", and make sure you save your changes.

From then on, managers will receive an email from Outreach at the end of the week. Listed at the top of the email you'll find email statistics, and below the sales rep report summary, we break down this information by individual users that managers oversee, with the top five performers previewed directly in the email.

Call statistics are reported separately. Again, you’ll see the top five performers for the week previewed in the email.

These emails are interactive, allowing you to dig deeper into a metric that you are interested in reviewing, simply by clicking any given metric to access deeper analytics within Outreach.

Additional Information

This manager notification was designed to help a manager see performance data on the specific users who report to them, and will be sent based on the role hierarchies associated with users Outreach.

If you are not currently utilizing the roles hierarchy, or if a particular role does not have subordinates assigned to them, you will not receive this emails, even if you have the option selected.


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