Empowering sales admins: How Outreach builds trust in sales execution

Posted June 20, 2024

Selling is the business of building trust. For many sellers, that means helping  customers believe in the product they are selling and the relationship they are building together. The unsung heroes of sales are often the Admins of sales tech, who help build a system of action that sellers can use effectively, while trusting it will support the security, compliance, and data privacy policies necessary to execute sales in this data-driven world.

Here are a few ways Outreach is supporting customers, and especially their Administrators, to help keep their sales teams running smooth and safe:

Admin dashboard

Managing platform usage– across every single user in your organization– is not an easy task. That’s why we’re launching a new User Health Dashboard, giving admins an immediate pulse check on usage and health to help reinforce adoption across the organization by enforcing the right behaviors and processes for sellers. 

At a glance, admins can now see insights on user health by showing you how many users are:

  • Connected to Mailbox and have mailbox syncing turned on
  • Connected to Mailbox and have mailbox sending turned on
  • Connected to Calendar and have calendar syncing turned on

Armed with this data, admins can check on user health to quickly evaluate the health of their Outreach instance.

Furthermore, admins can now configure custom views for their organization’s users - eliminating the need to force your sales process into default settings. Simply pre-configure popular users settings for Layouts and Smart Views to improve onboarding of your users and continuously enforce best practices.

Centralized retention

Successful data compliance requires a strong data retention program. With Outreach, customers can meet their data retention requirements for emails, Kaia meetings, and Voice, all in one place.  

The centralized data retention experience delivers a self-service experience for admins to manage data retention requirements. This new view makes it easy for admins to ensure data is not held for longer than required while also allowing you to make updates as needed, so that you can keep pace with internal and external regulatory requirements.

Adding to existing data retention for Voice Recordings and Emails, Outreach customers can now also set data retention timeframes for their Kaia Meeting Recordings. Simply select the timeframe needed and save. Once the timeframe is set, you can be certain data will be deleted and you’re in compliance with internal and external regulations.

Data sharing with Databricks

Your sales data shouldn’t just be accessible by your sales team. It’s only when you connect sales data with other business data that you unlock powerful reporting across your entire organization. 

Luckily at Outreach we’re all about connected data. Now, you can securely bring Outreach sales data into Databricks and begin optimizing your sales strategy with a wide variety of analysis and reporting across all your enterprise data in Databricks. 

For example, sales teams can combine Outreach data with other potential indicators, such as the number of days before prospects begin their proof-of-concept, weekly active users in trial accounts, and profiles from customer intelligence solutions like ZoomInfo or Crunchbase. These inputs allow for identifying the most promising opportunities during your sales cycle, increasing deal closing rates. 

What you can do with Outreach Data Sharing only depends on the other data you have in Databricks. Explore a few more use cases here.

Outreach Kaia for Google Meet

Building buyer trust starts from the first interaction. This means protecting buyer and seller data and mitigating risks by ensuring your conversation intelligence technology meets the security and privacy audits by the web conferencing provider. 

Outreach partners with Google Meet to deliver conversation insights through our AI-powered assistant, Outreach Kaia. With Kaia for Google Meet, sellers improve their productivity by reducing manual work, and managers get key insights after the meeting ends into what is trending in conversations so they can de-risk deals and coach reps. But it’s not only what we are delivering with these capabilities’ it’s also how we are delivering this integration to our customers, and what makes our integration with Google Meet different is our partnership with Google. Unlike other Sales Executions Platforms, Outreach Kaia has been reviewed, and audited, as secure and trusted by Google in their verification of third party apps.  

This means Outreach Kaia doesn’t join rep meetings as a bot on a call that can raise eyebrows from your buyers. Instead, the meeting host uses the  recording feature inside Google Meet and that recording will then be securely shared by Google with Outreach.  Recording in Google Meet ensures all participants know the meeting is being recorded and have a chance to consent. As a verfired application for Google Meet Outreach Kaia can be administered by customer’s Google Workspace admins as an OAuth app to manage access within their organization.

At Outreach, protecting our customers' trust  is the cornerstone of our platform. That’s why we make data privacy and security a core part of your sales strategy; so you can build best practices into your sales workflows and focus on maximizing seller impact. 

Want to know more? Read the full release notes to learn more about the new features mentioned above and so much more available from our latest product release

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