Enterprise Executive Roundtable: Adapting for Success

    Senior enterprise executives join the Outreach Roundtable to discuss the strategies and tactics they are using to lead their organizations to not only survive — but thrive — in a uniquely challenging economic environment.

    Join this engaging two-part discussion where enterprise sales, marketing, and customer success leaders will exchange insights, share their best practices, and have a transparent dialogue about how they are adapting their businesses for success.

    Meet our brilliant speakers:

    Elissa Fink
    Board Member, CMO Advisor, Mentor, and former CMO, Tableau

    Manny Medina
    CEO, Outreach

    Mika Yamamoto
    Chief Customer Engagement and Marketing Officer, F5

    Gabe Rogol
    CEO, Demandbase

    Lauren Wadsworth
    RVP Sales - Segment, Twilio

    Jeff Ingram
    Chief Business Enablement Expert, SAP

    Angela Cooper
    GM Customer Success Software & Digital Platforms, Microsoft

    Tim Riesterer
    Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions

    David Ruggiero
    President of GTM, Outreach

    Kara Blumberg
    SVP of Success & Services, Outreach

    Mike Zinne
    Chief Customer Officer, Outreach


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