Revenue Intelligence Software

Overview of revenue intelligence software

Revenue intelligence software uses insights from buyer-seller interactions to improve visibility into every account, contact, and opportunity across their lifecycle. Sales and RevOps leaders use Outreach’s AI-powered revenue intelligence to forecast accurately, improve selling workflows and actions, and consistently enact revenue-generating decisions.

Outreach empowers our sales VPs to know exactly what reps are doing in their pipeline. It also gives them guidance on what deals should be pushed back or moved forward, as well as what should be closed and moved out of the pipeline completely.

Kumbi Murinda

Director of Revenue Operations

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Pipeline inspection

Find and fix areas of leakage, inefficiency, and risk at every stage of the sales funnel. Use AI-powered insights to quickly identify and prioritize winnable opportunities, spot at-risk deals, and get actionable recommendations that increase win rates.

    Outreach's conversation intelligence tool, Kaia, dashboard displaying meeting details.

    Rep coaching

    Continuously improve your sales organization with insight into activity, pipeline, and deals to enable every rep to sell like your best rep. Provide timely feedback to reps to evaluate performance and identify where they’re excelling or need support for individuals or across the team.

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      Pipeline management

      Inspect your go-to-market processes to address gaps in coverage, identify effective revenue growth strategies, and replicate tactics that deliver healthy pipeline coverage every quarter.

        Outreach's forecasting software displaying your team's forecast and their deals, all centralized in one place.


        Easily manage multiple forecasts and be confident revenue targets are attainable by using AI to test assumptions and simulate different revenue outcomes.

          Revenue intelligence FAQs

          Revenue intelligence is the practice of collecting and analyzing key sales data to glean crucial insights such as performance, trends, and opportunities—all of which help to drive revenue. The resulting alignment of data leads to more accurate strategic planning, more efficient processes, and, ultimately, higher revenue.

          A lack of visibility into your pipeline health, inaccurate reporting, and missed opportunities for improvement can threaten your revenue teams’ ability to succeed. Revenue intelligence provides a distinct advantage. The focus on using that data to drive better insights ameliorates those sales pain points for more than just the reps. In fact, revenue intelligence software benefits a variety of key stakeholders:

          a. Sales managers can more easily and accurately manage team and individual rep performance and develop rollup forecasts for leadership. They’re backed by the information, insights, and answers required to drive higher revenue attainment across every team member.

          b. RevOps teams can view historical trends and point-in-time performance for enhanced scenario modeling and goal-setting. Robust solutions even automate data analysis so they can focus on identifying and fixing problems in process and alignment.

          c. Revenue leaders can view bottom-up forecasts, identify the most important deals, and compare team performance against goals. They’re able to accurately forecast to drive business growth.

          Modern go-to-market organizations need a system where they can design, measure, and execute informed and repeatable workflows to drive high performance. This software should be able to capture the insights that are generated as these workflows are executed to drive consistency, maintain accountability, and provide clear guidance around the best actions to take with customers. Teams need structured workflows to simplify the complex activities around sourcing, building, and growing revenue. Look for a platform that helps you understand and manage these workflows, improve team performance and business health, and optimize each interaction along the customer journey.