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Continuously improve your sales organization with insight into activity, pipeline, and deals to enable every rep to sell like your best rep.

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We needed to drive global consistency in how we engage with our customers and run a programmatic sales process… Outreach helps us deliver the science.

Donna Sanborn

Senior Leader, Global Sales Effectiveness

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Ramping new reps

Get your new hires up to speed on processes, messaging, and products in real-time by leveraging Kaia content and coaching cards. Increase their confidence to participate in live selling activities to reduce the amount of time it takes for them to contribute to revenue.

    Outreach's customer engagement overview of the ACME Corp & Snowflake Partnership Plan highlighting progress, timeline, and key details.

    Qualification Process

    Improve qualified pipeline and reduce your rep’s wasted effort chasing unqualified opportunities by ensuring that they’re held accountable to qualification best practices and methodologies.

      Activity Inspection

      Ensure that your team executes the right top-of-funnel activities by identifying best practices that improve prospecting efficacy. Use data to highlight the key activity metrics and tactics that will close coverage and employ active coaching with the pipeline generation calculator to adjust rep behavior and generate qualified pipeline.

        Outreach's deal insight overview consolidating deals requiring attention and their complete history in a single place

        Deal Inspection

        Make your 1-1s and team meetings more impactful on rep attainment by leveraging a clear view of deal health and risk factors to provide better, more actionable deal support.

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          Skills Development

          Identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses and easily share best-in-class examples of what “good” looks like. Use Kaia custom topics to tailor feedback to the most important development areas and hold reps accountable for best practices to close the skill gap on your teams.