How to spot at-risk deals early - and act with urgency

    Every sales team has essentially two jobs – to create pipeline, and to close it. But in an uncertain market, it’s easier said than done. Pipeline coverage is thinner. Conversion is decreasing. Deal cycles are getting longer. Worse yet, more deals are stalling out in the 11th hour.

    But what if you had an early warning system for deal risk? When you can instantly pinpoint the moment risk increases in high-value deals, you can act early – and improve the health of your deals before it’s too late.

    Join us to learn how to:

    • Avoid surprising losses by spotting risk early – no more missed signals due to “gut feels” or “happy ears!”
    • Coach reps to focus on the right actions to move deals forward
    • Gain instant visibility into opportunity health, status and next steps – and spend less time on deal inspection meetings and more time closing deals

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