Unleash seller productivity with the complete sales tech stack

    In the new era of B2B sales, sales execution technology is no longer a nice-to-have - it's essential. The current status quo of disconnected point solutions that silo data actually makes sellers less productive. 

    Watch this on-demand discussion with senior sales leaders from Outreach, Cognism, and Showpad to learn:

    • How a connected sales execution platform simplifies building the COMPLETE sales tech stack to increase sales capacity 
    • How more tools more revenue – when sellers need to balance self-sourcing and closing deals
    • Why visibility into buyer and seller interactions is critical for marketing to drive more qualified pipeline – and sales to close more deals


    Rebecca Feiten, Sr. Manager, Strategic Sales, Outreach
    Jonny Cowlin, VP Sales, Managing Director EMEA, Showpad
    Jonathon Ilett, VP Global Sales, Cognism


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