How live AI will unlock sales productivity

    Every sales leader struggles to achieve consistent execution. What if you could give your sellers a superpower — to be more efficient, productive, and relevant? 

    Generative AI built into every stage of the sales process — where sales teams easily leverage its capabilities right within their workflows — is a force multiplier. And the potential is limitless.

    Join CPO Prasad Raje and Head of Product Marketing Liz Dailing to learn how live AI will help sales leaders:

    • Boost team efficiency and expedite follow up — to move winnable deals forward, faster
    • Guide reps with live AI information and insights they need, in the exact moment they need it 
    • Win more deals with Outreach’s powerful live AI capabilities — and get a sneak peek at what’s new and upcoming

    Prasad Raje, Chief Product Officer
    Liz Dailing, Head of Product Marketing


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