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Spring 2022 announcements

Outreach Explore: Spring 2022

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Outreach Guide

Meet Outreach Guide: The system of execution for sellers and sales managers

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Revenue leaders understand that working on the wrong priorities, taking the wrong actions, and acting on the wrong insights ruins productivity — and results in losing deals that should have been won.

That’s where Outreach Guide comes in.

Outreach Guide is a robust deal management solution that automates selling plans, assists reps live during sales meetings with AI-generated insights, and provides true visibility into the health of their deals. With built-in real-time conversation intelligence and best practice action plans, sellers and managers can improve execution in each stage of the sales cycle.

Take a look at Outreach Guide’s features:

  • Kaia – Our real-time conversation intelligence capability eliminates painful non-selling tasks that plague reps and sales managers. During sales calls, Kaia provides real-time support with administrative tasks (such as live transcriptions) and surfaces answers to customer questions (through content cards). Based on keywords that come up during the call, Kaia pulls up an associated content card to help your sellers effectively field questions in real-time. Additionally, Kaia captures key aspects of the meeting that leaders can view later and add their own notes that support the seller in real-time.
  • Success Plans – Success Plans deliver a collaborative and transparent buying experience. With Success Plans, all the right stakeholders are involved as part of the buying team and have all the information related to the deal in one place. Sellers are informed in real-time how engaged each of the stakeholders is – both during meetings as well as throughout the process.
  • Deal Health Score – With all the rich signals available in Outreach Guide, combined with the power of our leading AI and machine learning engine, we now have an updated Opportunity Management experience with the new Deal Health Score. Traditional rule-based models on deal predictability deliver 34% accuracy in likelihood to close. Our machine learning model for deal health delivers 81% accuracy (measured in F1 scores) on predicting deal performance and can extract deal insights by comparing other deals of a similar size and stage.

This gives sales managers a tool to help them not only identify which deals may not be on track – but specific insights about what is going well, what could be better, and quick actions that enable you to get the deal back on track all in one place.

Deal Health Score is now available in public beta. Talk to your Outreach account contact or request a demo to learn more.

Outreach Commit

Take the guesswork out of revenue forecasting with Outreach Commit

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Assembling forecast data from your CRM is painful and time-consuming. Manually pulling data into spreadsheets can be error-prone, and overwhelming charts and BI tools force sales leaders to become data scientists.

As a result, it becomes hard to commit your forecast with confidence. So how do we solve these problems?

Outreach Commit provides revenue leaders with rich data across the entire buying cycle, leading to more depth and predictability. And because it’s part of the Outreach Sales Execution Platform, your system of action feeds into your system of intelligence.

Take a look at some of Outreach Commit’s features:

  • Forecasting – Leverage automated forecast roll-ups and weighted pipeline projections to build forecasts you trust, reduce time in process meetings with easy-to-use analytics, and run an automated “what if” analysis to see how different scenarios impact your forecast.
  • Pipeline Health – Avoid last-minute scrambling with summarized insights on deal health, catch pipeline issues early with intelligent deal signals, and proactively coach reps to resolve issues using rep-level deal views.
  • Pipeline Management – Identify how much pipeline coverage you need and ensure you have enough, account for intra-quarter business with team and rep level projections, and measure pipeline production and coverage using the rep productivity scorecard.

Outreach Engage

New admin capabilities in Outreach Engage: The sales engagement solution for modern sales teams

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With proven engagement workflows that turn insights into actions, Outreach Engage helps sellers make the best decisions to advance their deals across every moment of the sales cycle.

Behind the scenes, admin and IT teams also play a critical role in optimizing engagement workflows and keeping the sales engines humming smoothly for hundreds and thousands of users.

To support admin and IT teams to optimize workflows and meet their requirements at scale, check out our latest Outreach Engage features:

  • Outreach Trigger Enhancements – To further enable our admins to maximize rep productivity, we are introducing two new enhancements to triggers. First, we are rolling out a more simplified and easily readable trigger builder that makes it easier to embed logic within your triggers based on certain conditions or condition groups. Second, we are enhancing trigger management and discovery – starting with the ability to sort by common filters such as last updated, name, and created date. The trigger enhancements are now available to customers in public beta.
  • New Outreach Outlook Add-In – Outreach has enhanced the Outreach Outlook add-in to provide a more native integration. In addition to several enhancements to rep experience, admins can also control prospect creation. We encourage customers using Outlook to enable this for their sellers today.
  • Microsoft Graph Integration for Email – The Microsoft Graph integration provides a more modern and compliant way to connect Outreach to your Microsoft 365 data. With the Microsoft Graph Integration, Outreach can scope access and request only the specific permissions that we need to perform our services. The Microsoft Graph Integration for email is rolling out to customers today.
  • Data Retention for Voice Recordings – Outreach provides a self-service portal to configure data retention policies that automatically delete Outreach voice recordings after a specified period of time. Data retention for Outreach Voice recordings is generally available for customers today.
  • EU Datacenter for Outreach Engage Outreach Engage is now hosted in Ireland. This, in conjunction with our ISO 27701 certification and GDPR attestation, allows our EU customers to adopt Outreach to close their Sales Execution Gap. You can learn more about our continuous investments in security and data privacy as well as our compliance certifications here.

6sense integration

Turn buyer insights into revenue with the new Outreach and 6sense integration

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Leveraging our latest platform capabilities, 6sense created a next-generation integration that embeds their Account Engagement Platform directly within the Outreach Sales Execution Platform – helping organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by seamlessly embedding powerful buyer intent signals directly into rep workflows.

This integration enables sellers to know where their accounts are in the buying journey; to know how and when they've engaged, and to know which actions to take to move the deal forward.

It also gives them timely context to identify which sequence will resonate most when they reach out; because 6sense highlights the topics that known and anonymous contacts research.

This new capability allows marketing and sales teams to translate powerful buyer engagement signals from 6sense into actionable context that is embedded into Outreach’s sales execution workflows, increasing sales rep productivity and efficiency.

To learn more about the integration and how to install it, please visit the integration page here.