Engage and Learn with Outreach Experts: Sales Leader Edition

Hosted on the 2nd Thursday of every month

    Unlock the full potential of your sales team with our Sales Leader Edition Office Hours. Designed specifically for sales leaders, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn and engage from Outreach experts and leaders. Gain actionable insights and strategies tailored to enhance your leadership skills, improve team performance, and drive success across the entire revenue organization.

    We’ll also host an in-depth Q&A where you can ask questions for real-time guidance into how our leaders:

    • Best practices to conduct effective pipeline reviews and deal inspections to keep your team on track. 
    • Optimize each opportunity that your sales reps own to maximize closing rates with deep dives into opportunity inspections. 
    • Analyze territory data to drive strategic decisions with effective reporting strategies. 
    • Best practices on utilizing Kaia for team coaching and enhanced productivity. 
    • Creating reliable forecasts to hit your target with accurate sales forecasting. 
    • And more! 

    Why Attend?

    • Expert Guidance: Learn from Outreach experts and senior sales leaders.
    • Interactive Q&A: Engage in live Q&A sessions for tailored advice.

    Elevate your sales leadership skills. Join our Sales Leader Edition Office Hours for transformative insights and strategies.

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