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Unleash 2020 Product Announcements!

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In May, we kicked off our first-ever Unleash Virtual Summit, opening with our Outreach executives who offered a window into Outreach’s vision and future product roadmap.

To start, Manny acknowledged the uniqueness behind first-ever virtual conference. The decision to bring Unleash to you via screens rather than sunny San Diego was born from our commitment to always do right by our customers, partners, and prospects, and recognizing we are experiencing a global event of seismic proportions. “It’s not theoretical, and it’s not abstract,” Manny noted, “and it’s impacting our lives and our families.”

But as we learn to navigate this moment, we anchor ourselves to what we know to be true: whether we’re weathering COVID-19 or crystal clear waters, we will keep focusing on solving problems and supporting our community. Our customer obsession isn’t just in moments of smooth sailing--it’s true when times are hard too, and that’s what we offer today and into the future: a fountain of ideas and innovation to positively push sales engagement forward.

Introducing Outreach Kaia

Outreach’s DNA is coded with a simple mission: delivering an optimal sales experience so that sellers and buyers can build trusted, ongoing relationships. But all too often this is sidelined by the white noise of sales--prepping for meetings, organizing the ideal conversation with a prospect, and then remembering all of the follow-up tasks that you agreed to after the conversation has ended. This causes what Manny calls a cognitive load of distractions that prevents the rep from actively listening and engaging with prospects.

And let’s be clear: sales reps have always had a steep hill to climb, juggling everything from absorbing new information about products or the market, managing admin tasks that pull them away from fully engaging during meetings, and more that coalesce into the inability to address customer needs during live meetings and leaving customers dissatisfied and disinterested in closing the deal.

But today, we’re changing the game with our brand new product, Outreach Kaia.

Tightly integrated with Outreach, our #1 sales engagement platform, Outreach Kaia is a revolutionary real-time Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) that helps reps close deals faster by using real-time transcription and analysis to capture key moments during live conversations, and deliver critical sales content exactly when reps need it.

To use Outreach Kaia, reps simply start a virtual meeting via Zoom and the product begins real-time transcription, and based on contextual conversation, Outreach Kaia dynamically surfaces information as soon as the reps need it, including product info, battlecards, and more. Now, reps are able to focus on having a conversation, while Outreach Kaia seamlessly collects action-items and displays key product info exactly when the rep needs it so they can focus on having a conversation with their customers.

Outreach Kaia dynamically surfaces critical information during a sales conversation exactly when the reps need it so the reps can sell smarter, and focus on one thing: having a conversation with their customers.

Building Rep Confidence in Customer Conversations

Historically, sales has orbited around three key stages: before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting.

With Outreach Kaia, gone are the days where 42% of reps don’t have enough information before meeting with a prospect. Now, Outreach Kaia works alongside the rep throughout the entire sales process to help them sell smarter and accelerate deals. Before each meeting, Outreach Kaia displays key information to ready the reps for their live conversation.

During the meeting, Outreach Kaia really takes flight. With real-time transcription, reps can focus on the conversation at hand and no longer need to worry about remembering to research an additional account contact, or the latest product updates because Outreach Kaia has already done it for them. Not to mention, Outreach Kaia is always working on behalf of the rep and collecting action items as they are discussed.

For example, if an additional account contact is referenced during the conversation, Outreach Kaia will display a People Card of that person, enabling the rep to understand who the contact is in real-time, as well as a map to who is important to securing the deal closure and working next steps with their manager.

Say Goodbye to “Let me Get Back to You”

And perhaps most importantly, Outreach Kaia simply delivers a better customer experience. With Content Cards that cover everything from product specs, updates, and integrations, as well as competitor content, these function as onscreen flashcards that allow reps to answer questions in seconds.

Best of all, both People Cards and Content Cards are trackable, so managers can see which cards produce the best results and scale these insights across their teams.

Similarly, reps can add Bookmarks at key moments during the call, and can be reviewed within the greater conversation and the live transcription, so reps can see why they took the note and why it’s important. In addition, reps can also return to them later to investigate potential strategies with their managers. For example, if the customer reveals they have a budget meeting next week, the rep can add a Bookmark and share with their sales manager offline to determine how to tip the scales in their favor.

Execute the Perfect Follow Up

Just as our Follow-Up Sequence is one of Outreach’s most simple yet powerful tools, Outreach Kaia carries on our tradition of exceptional follow-ups by elegantly organizing the key moments of the call--action items, notes, and bookmarks--and emailing a summary to the rep at the conclusion of the meeting with the documented attendees and action items.

With Outreach Kaia, reps can sell smarter and close deals faster with an entirely new product that allows them to truly focus on the customer and deliver the best experience.

Current Outreach customers can apply to be included in our private Beta. Read more about Outreach Kaia here, and apply for your team to be in the Beta program.

New: Sequence Intent Reporting

Sales can be a lot like an EKG graph: there are peaks with your top performing reps, and valleys for your lowest performing reps, and sales leaders want to know: how can I make every rep perform like my best rep?

This problem is familiar: your lowest performing reps are typically your newest reps, but managers are stretched across as many as nine reps at once, making it impossible for a manager to coach at scale. In fact, according to TOPO, the average manager to SDR ratio is 1 to 8.5, with nearly 75% of SDRs having less than one year of experience. With multiple reps needing coaching from one manager, there’s little time for the coaching and mentoring that SDRs greatly need.

While the problem is well-known, the context and solution are new. After examining our own internal data, we found that our bottom-performing reps struggle the most when the prospect responds back. In fact, bottom-performing reps are 83% less likely to effectively follow up on an objection and turn it into a meeting booked.

With a clear point-in-time of the problem, we used the power of machine learning to analyze the prospect’s email reply to a Sequences as positive, objections, referrals, or unsubscribe requests. With the power of machine learning, this analysis is performed 100x faster than a human team could work and gives managers greater context into how reps are engaging with prospects and focus on the most impactful next steps.

With new Sequence Intent Reporting, we’re redefining momentum. Again.

Part of Amplify, our machine learning technology, Sequence Intent Reporting gives sales managers more actionable insights with clearer courses of action to:

Understand the context of how your reps are interacting with customers - at scale

  • Greater visibility into your teams’ most common objections: bad timing, no budget, already have a solution, etc.
  • See which Sequences are most effective for different personas or have the highest unsubscribe rates
  • Take immediate action to improve or deprecate under-performing Sequences

Make each rep perform like your best rep

  • Identify struggling reps and where to provide custom coaching
  • Create templates and snippets tailored to each objection type, i.e. “bad timing”
  • Coach reps on how to overturn “bad timing” objections into a meeting booked

Now managers have more context into how reps are engaging with prospects, giving them the insights they need to decrease rep ramp time and increase productivity, while closing the gaps between top and bottom performers. Managers now have the data to target and prioritize how best to strengthen their team.

Go beyond reply rates to the true measure of success — the prospect’s intent.

New: Buyer Intent Scoring & Bombora OfferBombora + Galaxy

Part of Outreach’s unique value is being the only sales engagement platform that orchestrates account-based strategies across the entire customer lifecycle: marketing, sales, and customer success. By providing a single source of shared data, teams can transition leads into loyal customers faster.

But we are enhancing that alignment by adding a new field for buyer intent scores, mapped over from your favorite intent data providers. In addition, Bombora, a leading intent data provider, wanted to partner with the leader in sales engagement and is officially joining Outreach Galaxy!

With Bombora’s integration, reps can see which topics their prospects care about and prioritize engagement based on the accounts most likely to buy. Bombora easily integrates intent data into Outreach workflows and automatically creates tasks to engage the accounts with high buyer intent, helping sales teams:

  • Immediately identify high-interest accounts
  • Understand what the accounts are researching and interested in
  • Use context for timely and effective sales conversations
  • Identify opportunities for upselling or risks of churn

“Our BDR team is jazzed by the expanded use of Bombora! Integrating Bombora’s intent insights into Outreach makes them actionable and allows our team to start Monday morning with the confidence that they’re interacting with accounts that want to hear from us! Increasing the relevant conversations we’re involved with will naturally lead to higher conversions."

Jodi Lebow, Vice President of Demand Generation at

Current Outreach customers can learn how to leverage Buyer Intent Scores now, and can also sign up for Bombora’s free offer here.

New: Voice Connectors

Even with the advances in B2B technologies and multi-touch sales strategies across email, social, and direct mail, 40% of sales professionals say that the phone is the most effective channel at their disposal.

Now, Outreach users can reach out and connect with their customers regardless of provider. With new Voice Connectors, customers using IP telephony solutions like Dialpad and RingCentral can launch their inbound or outbound call tasks within Outreach but still maintain their existing voice provider, and have that call data collected in Outreach.

With Voice Connectors, sales teams can integrate call tasks into their Sequences and sales workflows with more voice solutions than ever before. All Outreach customers using Dialpad or RingCentral can start using Voice Connectors today! To get started, reach out to your CSM today or use our support articles here.