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The Outreach Vision

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Rachael Siegel

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Sales companies are loud, and ours is no exception. When a company is loud, you get a lot of questions. And when your company uses your own platform, the questions are about features that have been released, why we created a feature the way we did, and what we can expect in the future.

The questions don’t always come from our own sales team. They’re often anecdotes or stories told to us on the phone, sent to us through email, or relayed in person when visiting customers. When we hear these stories, what we really hear is a series of problems that our customers want us to solve. It’s become our mission to solve these problems, so we listen.

We’ve been listening from the beginning, since it was just four founders engineering their way out of a sales problem when they realized they were running out of cash.

When we were just getting started on this journey, we were told these problems were too hard to solve. But we did it anyway, and the team behind Outreach has worked tirelessly to deliver the capabilities that solve business challenges. We pioneered sequences, created the industry’s most reliable reply detection, automated follow-ups, and created a central dashboard to complete tasks. This was the foundation of what we now know as Outreach.

We continue pushing forward. Outreach continues to tirelessly deliver the capabilities that solve business challenges. No longer are we solely investing in making SDRs and hunters efficient, we’re turning our eyes deeper into the customer lifecycle.

At Outreach we see a future where every sales organization has a platform that helps their reps build a pipeline and closes that pipeline faster and more efficiently than ever before. The future is a platform that acts like a sales assistant, suggesting meeting times, entering data, creating action items, suggesting which personas to engage at what points in the deal cycle, and more.

We move forward with certainty. We deliver the future.