Manage and Guide Deals

Leverage deal insights to align with your buyers, sell with confidence, and advance more deals to the next stage.

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Every improvement we make within Outreach makes it easier for our sellers to be more productive and hit quota. It’s really causing a snowball effect, and we’re getting increased attainment against higher numbers.

Travis Henry

Director of sales Operations and Enablement

Over 6,000 global customers trust Outreach

Meeting Management

Take full advantage of meeting time with customers to provide value, establish credibility, and build rapport to advance deals to the next stage. Streamline scheduling, preparation, and follow-up from meetings. Guide your customer through the buying process by proactively identifying key takeaways during and after the engagements and establishing the next steps.

    Deal Progression

    Maintain deal momentum, minimize deal slippage, and enable buyers to advocate for your solution. Collaboratively establish purchase criteria and align on success indicators and the scope of the partnership to guide opportunities from qualification to closure.


      Drive alignment throughout the prospect’s organization by identifying, engaging, and influencing additional members of the buying committee. Decrease opportunity risk and increase deal size by ensuring that your solution’s value is tangible across the organization, from users up to the executive sponsors.

        Opportunity Management

        Gain visibility into the nuances of your high-priority opportunities to prioritize action. Identify potential risk in the deal and escalate to executive attention when things aren’t going as expected.