Flexing your ABS: The ultimate guide to account-based sales

    To succeed in today’s B2B industry, it’s important to align your sales strategies to today’s B2B sales and buyer expectations for personalization. In fact, according to Accenture Interactive, “B2B executives are recognizing the urgency to adapt customer experiences and adopt personalization: 73% know that customer expectations for more meaningful products, services and experiences are significantly higher than they were just a few years ago, and 63% said they wanted to integrate personalization.”

    Account-Based Sales (ABS) strategies are an increasingly effective way to both demonstrate the value of complex products and services and tailor the sales strategies to today’s B2B buyers and expectations for personalization. This eBook is for B2B sales leaders who are interested in:

    • How ABS has raised the bar for B2B revenue and pipeline generation.
    • How sales experts and leading companies about how they implemented an ABS plan and the tactics they’ve used to make it successful.
    • ABS basics and why it’s the most popular topic in B2B sales today and why so many companies are adopting this approach to outbound sales and marketing.


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