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Manny Medina, Co-Founder and CEO

Vision keynote

We're on a mission to give GTM leaders time back. That’s more time to be present, lead with empathy, and show up where it counts — for your teams and customers. Welcome to Unleash 2023.

David Ruggiero, President of GTM

AI & digital transformation

Let's talk about the rapid changes driven by AI, dispel fears surrounding its impact, and learn how all leaders, regardless of their roles, can drive change within their organizations. As David introduces Outreach's three pillars of "create, collaborate, and close," you'll see how the platform has already improved sales efficiency, velocity, visibility, and job satisfaction for Outreach customers.

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Liz Dailing, VP of Product Marketing & Strategy

The future of Outreach

We're unveiling the latest AI-powered capabilities designed to help you supercharge your team’s productivity, improve win rates, and deliver more predictable revenue. The future of sales is here, and it’s only in Outreach. 

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Dina Vaccari, Group Product Manager

What's new in Outreach

In the last 12 months alone, Outreach has released a stacked lineup of new deal management, conversation intelligence, and pipeline management features — all designed to help your team create, collaborate on, and close more deals. Watch the demo to see Smart Email Assist, Scenario Planner, Kaia Team Trends, and so much more. 

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Brian Gerrard, Enterprise AE

Day in the life: AE demo

Bring all your deal management needs together in one place, all within Outreach. If you've ever wondered how to leverage Outreach after booking a meeting, this is your answer. Evaluate deal health, identify winnable opportunities, and effortlessly align your sales methodology. Outreach's insights also help you perfect your follow-ups, analyze call recordings, and more.

Angela Garinger, Head of Global Sales Development

Day in the life: XDR leader demo

Identify your strike zone, and control it. Angela explores how she uses Outreach to ensure her reps are taking the right actions, connecting with the right people, crafting the perfect email messages, and excelling in phone conversations. By reverse-engineering her team's sales goals, she'll show you how to turn data into a game-changing strategy.

Kevin Bognar, SVP of Sales

Day in the life: Sales leader demo

See how sales leaders can use Outreach to understand their pipeline, coach reps on their teams, and close more deals. With pipeline management and forecasting capabilities — like Pipeline Dashboard and Scenario Planner — plus Deal Health Scores and AI-driven call analysis, Kevin explores how he leverages the full Outreach platform. 

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