How real-time sales enablement enhances calls with buyers

    More people are meeting virtually than ever before. In December 2019, video communications platform Zoom had an average of 10 million daily meeting participants. By December 2020, that number rose to 350 million. Zoom was also the most downloaded iPhone or iPad app of 2020.

    It’s a new sales world and your team has spent the last couple of years adapting to it.

    But what if — instead of just adapting — your team could find a way to thrive?

    In this ebook, you will discover:

    • New ways your reps can have more effective conversations with buyers on Zoom.
    • How once manual tasks (such as researching answers to buyer questions, note-taking and tracking action items) could become automated, saving your team time and your company money.
    • How to surface key insights from your reps’ customer interactions, allowing you to provide coaching where it’s needed most.

    It’s a new virtual sales world — and now you have the ability to rule it.

    Find out how.


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